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Astrologers from 12 different traditions interpret the same natal chart, blind!
Just how does an astrologer give a penetrating reading? Watch as twelve experts, representing twelve different astrological traditions, interpret the same natal chart, blind! Each astrologer was given only the birth data of the woman whose birthchart they analyzed. Read how each one applies his or her real-world techniques, just as they would with a client. To deepen your understanding, each astrologer explain their underlying interpretive strategies, and answers the same ten pressing questions about their work.

How accurate are the readings? After it was all over, the mystery woman, Joyce, submitted her autobiography, so you can be the judge.

With interpretations by:
  • DEMETRA GEORGE - Asteroid Focus
  • EVELYN ROBERTS - Archetypal
  • GARY CHRISTEN - Uranian
  • HADLEY FITZGERALD - Psychological
  • JOHN MARCHESELLA - Modern Western
  • KEN BOWSER - Western Sidereal
  • KIM ROGERS-GALLAGHER - Light-hearted
  • ROBERT HAND - Medieval
  • ROBERT SCHMIDT - Hellenistic
  • STEVEN FORREST - Evolutionary
  • WENDY Z. ASHLEY - Mythological
Compiled and analyzed by Rafael Nasser. Edited by Jodie Forrest. ISBN 978-0964911376

Under One Sky is a completely unique book offering a rare glimpse into the workings of twelve different astrological systems applied to the same birthchart - a woman named Joyce, who submitted her autobiography only after all the interpretations were in. There is no other book like it!

The NCGR's Winter 2006 Geocosmic Journal calls Under One Sky "one of the most interesting and important astrological studies of our time...a wonderful choice for a study group or class, but it is also interesting reading for anyone who is fascinated by astrology and how it works across so many different cultures and traditions." --Geocosmic Journal, Winter, 2006

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