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Steven presents Saturn transits. 2 hrs.

In this recording, Steven teaches how to make the most of your Saturn transits. Steven will give you tools for understanding Saturn's often-challenging influences in a constructive light. Many of us see Saturn coming in our charts and fear the worst. But experience shows that the worst doesn't always happen - in fact, it usually doesn't, unless we are lazy.

The reality is that Saturn is often "hard," but that doesn't mean "bad." Climbing a mountain is hard. Reading James Joyce's Ulysses is hard. Making a marriage work is hard. In this webinar you'll understand Saturn in a more evolutionary context, focusing on how to identify the right mountain to climb, and thus how to avoid the pointless suffering that arises when we miss the developmental point of the Saturn transit. Steven will share chart examples to illustrate the concepts to help you come away feeling ready to face whatever comes your way as Saturn triggers any configuration in your birth chart.

2 hrs. | mp3 audio download | includes handout

Produced by Astrology University - this is the audio version of the webinar recorded in June 2016.

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