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Saturn in Scorpio through the 12 Houses mp3

Join Steven in this timely exploration of Saturn in Scorpio ...


Jupiter: How Have You Been Understimating Yourself?

Astrological lecture by Steven Forrest, MP3 - 80 min.


Jodie Forrest: Freya as Venus MP3

Jodie Forrest speaks about the correlation of Norse goddess ...


Jodie Forrest: Women and Mars MP3

Jodie Forrest talks about Mars in women's charts. MP3 ...


Mars: Hunter or Prey? MP3

Hunter or prey? Mars asks you to choose.


Jodie Forrest: Neptune - Where Two Worlds Touch MP3

Astrological lecture by Jodie Forrest, MP3 format. 77 min.


Jodie Forrest: Odin as Mercury MP3

Jodie Forrest explains the astrological correlations ...


Uranus Intensive, MP3

In depth study of Uranus with Steven Forrest. 4.5 hours. ...


The Moon Intensive MP3

Introductory Moon workshop. 4 hrs 40min.


Pluto, Uranus, Saturn: The Giants Sing Harmony MP3

Astrology lecture with Steven Forrest. 75 min. MP3


Uranus in Aquarius MP3

Lecture with Steven Forrest. Approx 90 min.


Saturn: Staying in Touch with the Tough Old Bird MP3

Lecture on Saturn with Steven Forrest. MP3 Download.


Uranus Meets Neptune MP3

Astrology Workshop with Steven Forrest on the meeting of ...


The Progressed Venus MP3

Steven Forrest looks at the progression of Venus in the ...


Teachers & Tricksters MP3

A Brief Overview of the Planets in Evolutionary Astrology. ...


Pluto: The Wound & the Healing MP3

Steven Forrest describes how to work with Pluto. 75 min, ...


Transiting Uranus in Pisces MP3

*2-1 for one Special!* 2 astrology lectures on the ...


Sagittarius, 9th House and Jupiter Archetypes MP3

One of Steven's most comprehensive talks to date of the ...


Eris: The New Planet MP3

Enjoy this initial exploration into the possible meanings ...


Uranus in the 12 Signs MP3

Follow Steven on a journey through the 12 generational ...


Ceres: Beyond Gender

Explore the archetypal pattern represented by the asteroid ...


The Planets Package MP3

Selected mp3 downloads covering every planet. 14 programs. ...


Venus Through the 12 Signs MP3

Take a journey with Steven through the archetypes according ...


Purifying the Three Poisons

How to transform negative expressions of Mercury, Venus, ...

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