Astro*Carto*Graphy Sample Report

AstroCartoGraphy reportfor Serena Williams
Sep. 26, 1981, 8:28:00 PM EDT +04:00, Saginaw, MI 083W57'03" 43N25'10"
(note: our source for her birth data is AstroDataBank, Rodden data classification A)

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Serena WilliamsAstro*Carto*Graphy Locality Interpretation for Serena Williams at Paris,France -- site of the French Open: 002E20'00" 48N52'00"

Time: covered May 20, 2004 to May 19, 2005
Permanent Influences (Lines):
Jupiter IC
Saturn IC

Secondary Influences (Crossings):

Temporary Influences (CCG):
Jupiter IC

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One thing is certain about you, no matter where you are -- you're one of the people who gets a lot out of life because you look beneath appearances and are willing to think for yourself, astrology being somewhat off the beaten track these days. So what is ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY*EXPLAINED? It's based on the common, instinctive idea that a person has different chances, luck, experiences or options in different localities -- that you aren't exactly the same person in New York that you are in Los Angeles. It works by looking at the planets' relationships to the places you've asked about at your birth moment. If a particular planet was especially powerful in the location noted when you were born, then the affairs that it symbolizes should predominate if you travel there, reside there or even have anything to do with that location from some other place.

Since 1976, when the now-standard ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY technique was introduced, wide acceptance by both the astrological community and the public has validated it. In addition, ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY has been able to benefit from the actual experiences of the thousands who have ordered its maps. The product of this experience is this new service.

To understand how this information will be useful, perhaps we should question why people move around so much in the first place. In addition to the obvious reasons are psychological ones. Psychologists (Carl Jung especially) have suggested that people instinctively seek wholeness, or a completeness of their experience. If it's true that different locations accent different parts of your potentials, moving offers a way to speed evolution, to get acquainted with new parts of yourself. So if you find that a location you are obliged to reside at is one in which some of the more problematical influences predominate (such as Saturn, Neptune, etc.), you should look beneath the superficial and immediate desires and concerns of your life and try to understand what emerging consciousness has brought you here. Every location is good for something, and you would not be considering living in a difficult one for no reason. Also, don't get frightened if some of the interpretations sound extreme or perilous. Every planet has numerous possible manifestations, and, while we've tried to include them all here, rarely do the more extreme ones occur. The point in this report is to enable you to anticipate the nature of influences at your potential residence and so become able to recognize and utilize their most positive manifestations.

Different people are apt to react differently to the same astrological influence. You will feel more comfortable with what you already know, so certain planets will be easier for you to live under than others. For example, if you are a woman with traditional values, Mars and the Sun will possibly pose more problems for you than for a man, since the qualities and life experiences associated with these planets are not usually socially encouraged in women's upbringing. Similarly, men will find the Moon and Venus more challenging. People who tend to follow external authorities and believe in society's order as unchallengeable may find themselves more at home under Jupiter and Saturn lines, and stressed by new experiences under Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, while individualists and the more self-reliant will reverse these reactions. You might find it useful to realize that, when faced with challenging astrological potentials, it is sometimes easy to "project" these onto your mate or partner, seeing the emerging parts of your own psyche as things THEY are doing. If your interpretations seem to fit your mate, realize that these things are happening because of possibilities in yourself that you aren't ready to face, and try to develop the positive sides of the astrological potentials described.

But the most important thing to realize is that every location is good for something; if you recognize and understand its potentials, you can use them constructively. You'll find that in some instances you don't even have to travel or live in the location -- that its influence affects you through people who come from there, or remote concerns, such as business, cultural or other life interests that symbolize those psychological potentials described by this report.

So here goes with the ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY* EXPLAINED analysis of the locations you're interested in. We hope it opens up for you opportunities to find what you're looking for in life; but we also hope it enables you to look beneath the surface, to see patterns in your own development and your instinctive growth toward wholeness.


At the location which you have specified, there was more than one important influence at the time of your birth. Below we have identified the nature of these influences, and they will probably seem somewhat contradictory to you. Residing in a location where there is more than one important planetary influence is of itself somewhat stressful, and it is likely that one or more of the influences will be "projected"; that is, instead of acknowledging and assimilating the influence yourself, you will be inclined to seek other people, or external situations, to act it out for you. Nevertheless, you should attempt to comprehend all influences operating here, since it is only by inwardly accepting such power that you can gain control over it.

To understand the following influence, you should be aware that it is very strong; while reading the description of its psychological and particular manifestations below, keep in mind that you will be drawn into these types of activity almost beyond your will, and that residence here is probably a very significant chapter in your life, one that makes you aware, as never before, of the potentials that are embodied by the astrological effects operating here at your birth. If you do not feel that you wish to deal with these matters as a major part of your day-to-day life, perhaps you should consider residing elsewhere, or at least 300 miles east or west of this location, where the influence is apt to be more moderated.

This is a very positive zone to visit, as you consort with a better class of people, attract favorable attention to yourself, seem to acquire new social status and power, and love to spend money. Even if you're not a gambler, don't leave without spending a few dollars on lottery tickets, as this is a very lucky zone, one that increases both your desire for speculation and your odds of winning. It's also a place of religious truth and revelation, dealings with authorities, and chance meetings with the powerful and wealthy, where you could find yourself treated like royalty. Your ideas attract favorable attention, perhaps even offers for publication.

Jupiter's power here assures that the central theme of this area is growth through "adding-on" or accretion, so that evolution, deeper participation in experience, and cultural outreach are likely while you reside here, through broadening contact with the world and a "better" class of people. You feel that you are protected by forces or deities favorable to you, and belief in this favoritism gives you an optimistic, omnipotent outlook which encourages you to dare the impossible, exceed your limits, and ascend personally and socially. This is where "wishing makes it so," as hope and faith expand; you come to feel deserving of special treatment by the cosmos which, because you expect it, occurs, particularly extraordinary good luck and social or financial advancement. "Sanctuary" and protection by authorities can be expected; bourgeois values and self-evaluation become prominent here, as you feel distinguished from the mass of humanity, somewhat righteous, self-satisfied, complacent, important, or self-important in community concerns.

The issue of class is very Jupiterian, and you engage in a competition of decency, trying to outdo the Joneses (or maybe the Rockefellers), impressing the world with your attainments, credentials, diplomas, and possessions. The "right" people (especially "professionals") are not to be questioned, and social ascendancy is hierarchical, tradition-based, conservative, and middle class, marked by a contradictory need to feel "special" and an unquestioning addiction to fashion and public opinion. People in academic, bureaucratic, administrative, and professional circles rise quickly here, though the attendant temptation to fulfillment of ambition is abandonment of life's meanings, values, and goals in favor of complacent self-satisfaction.

Jupiter's myth is, of course, that of the "chief administrator" of Mount Olympus. Jupiter, or Zeus, was symbolized as justice, light, and intellect, as opposed to the dark earth god Saturn or the god of the underworld Hades. The problem of this zone stems from Jupiter's inherent superiority, which is often interpreted as an imperialistic privilege to ride roughshod over the rights of others. Positively, Jupiter's insight grants foresight, psychic powers, innate leadership, superiority, and understanding of the patterns and structures of the universe; negatively, it breeds blind fundamentalism, intolerance, self-righteousness, superstition, bigotry, xenophobia, and a barren morality that condemns whatever is not just like itself.

In its immature stages, Jupiter consciousness is usually marked with some of the above-mentioned excesses -- having found the "truth" (oneself), any other reality or person must accept your higher vision or be seen as infidel to be forcefully "converted." There is also a bragging, boastful bullyishness; arrogant, imperialistic self-centeredness, and a feeling that you have the right to dominate anyone else by mere reason of who, and how important, you are. This belief is underlain by an infantile expectation that the world is created by your needs in order to fulfill them. Greater maturity finds you dominating through kindness, becoming the philanthropist, humanitarian or liberal who magnaminously wishes all others to have the opportunity to attain the heights of social acceptance and success that you have attained and seeks to offer such opportunities (whether asked for or not).

Wisdom, exuberance, and humor are Jupiter's attainment in full flower, and here is the philosopher-king, generous, benevolent, divinely inspired, able to guide the community and humanity as a whole to a realization of its highest visions. The moral guardians of the state -- judges, academics, artists, musicians, and religious and charitable leaders -- embody this most perfected image of the potentials of this zone and, under its most positive influence, the patterning of ideas that constitute humanity's cultural heritage and knowledge of the past. This ability to comprehend the future can be grasped and understood, putting you in a powerful social role of leader and guide.

People will be content here who value society and its rewards and who aspire to the roles described above. Jupiter zones are less favorable for strong individualists, those who enjoy challenge and pitting themselves against authority and the odds -- those who espouse their own morality and values, as well as the truly creative and independent. This is the place for you if you have a taste for caviar and your eyes light up when a limousine passes by. You'll love it if you feel you are "going someplace" in society and have a vision and commitment to culture, religion, law, education, or the other professions. It could be unfulfilling if you are not typical of your class or family background, consider yourself "self-made," and find TV sitcoms boring. As a woman, in this zone you may attain to political, personal, and social power, though there will be a temptation to project these opportunities onto your mate or partners, providing for them opportunities to rise socially that you feel inadequate to pursue on your own account. Beware the "woman behind the man" type of role unless you are willing to accept it, for your own powers here are extraordinary and can lead to very substantial accomplishment in the highest levels of society: religion, academia, culture, the arts, sports, and politics.

The conventional interpretation of "good luck" seems to be acquiring an abundance of material goods or social status without expending much effort. If this is what you want in life, this is the right place to be. Prosperity, success, credibility, honor, academic achievement, and accomplishment are furthered here as life proceeds effortlessly, you climb socially, and leisure, nonproductive activity and bourgeois conformity are frequent rewards. This zone accents humor, education, religion, quality, integrity, prizes, and mental and cultural accomplishments, and here you are more optimistic, extroverted, and relaxed. Health improves (except where there are problems of overindulgence or sluggish activity), as do magical and healing abilities. In addition to this being a place where you can heal others, any sort of business prospers and succeeds here, as do self-improvement and creativity. Your mind aspires to the lofty, trying to create patterns that explain the universe, and things are seen in general rather than particular context, so that you grasp wholes more easily than details or parts. Music, sports, religion, publishing, media, broadcasting, advertising, promotion, business, import-export, education, the law, finance, medicine, languages, foreign concerns, and travel are all professions that do very well under this influence.

Gambling and speculation are successful here, and this zone is one in which large sums of money may be won (and sometimes lost) in such activities. You might want to try your luck here or invest in companies whose head offices lie within this zone. But beware of blind optimism, extravagance, going into debt to impress others, overgenerosity, and snobbishness -- all dangers of this area. Resist comparing yourself too much to others and getting caught up in totally nonessential, fashionable activity of little enduring value. Notwithstanding these potential hazards, this is one of the most optimistic, successful, and fortunate zones possible, especially for any sort of business or material pursuits.

Even if you can't travel to this area, it is apt to be significant in your life as a source of sustenance, income, and success. People who come from here can be guides, teachers, mentors, or financial benefactors. Investment in companies or industries based here will tend to prosper, and education (even by correspondence courses) can establish a cornerstone of lifelong success. Cultural concerns are inviting here, and you may like to read about this zone or find its religion, language, or ethnic roots interesting and important.

The particular position that occupied in this location at your birth will direct this type of energy and experience particularly into certain life areas; while the most important thing to understand is the underlying meaning and psychological principle, these are apt to manifest more obviously in specific life areas than in others.

This zone will particularly emphasize personal evolution and expansion through commitment to your location, family, or ethnic self-conceptualization. Moreover, your family, past, and concept of your background may "improve" -- that is, you could elevate your social station through marriage or other family interactions or increase your own estimation of your family and background through becoming acquainted with previously unknown aspects of your past, roots, heritage, financial background, or other allied issues. Your family develops a tradition, grows a family tree, and learns pride in its traditions and heritage. From this growth of an inner sense of tradition and belonging, you develop a greater sense of inner worth and self-esteem which extends itself eventually into other life areas, with resultant good fortune and expansion of career, personal, and social options. Your true inner self is identified by genealogy and a constant centering of self in past and tradition; others react to this by gravitating to your seeming security, sense of purpose, and belonging on earth.

This is an especially good place to reside or retire, and family life prospers here as nowhere else. There is hope for a secure and respected old age as you become matriarch or patriarch, pillar of society, and perhaps a successful, though usually conservative, politician. (But with such success is always the danger of the "big frog" complex.) Real estate increases in value here, and you can make things grow, live off the land, or become a landlord. This is your place on earth, in which the seeds of your potential development find fertilization, and your good fortune enables you to care for less fortunate persons, founding a sort of extended family and acting as living proof of the order of the universe as reproduced in microcosm in the family. Here, in your personal Garden of Eden, you cease struggle with the outer world to build inner worth, sharing your success with those closest to you and pursuing your own religious and social fulfillment. Even short-term residence here can have these effects, changing forever your concept of where you came from and thus where you are going.

This location lies a little to the west of the exact planetary influence; therfore, of the possibilities listed above, those which suggest the direct influence on you by your family, cultural, or ethnic background are the ones most likely to manifest. The planet tends to act outside of you, and polarizes your self-image in opposition to its more negative potentials, requiring by either positive example or direct coercion your development of the described qualities. Who you are, meaning in this case who your family, past, and "roots" have been, becomes a potent force in the creation of who you are growing to be, a force whose nature will conform closely to the description above. Living here will change these most inward of concepts of self, often by direct confrontation with your origins and past.

To understand the following influence, you should be aware that it is strong in this locality, though not overbearingly so. While reading the psychological description of its manifestation below, you should recognize the major theme that has operated for you (or will operate) here, though it may not be your prime concern at all times. You can ignore it for long periods, and this moderation of the influence tends to mitigate some of the more frightening and dangerous excesses that can occur. Probably, the more unusual manifestations won't happen to you, as this influence merges with others in your personality, creating a more balanced manifestation.

If you have been drawn to this zone, it is symbolic of a need for deeper investigation of your darker side and hidden self. Things may not go well here, but problems point out the way to necessary future growth. It is a good locale for hard work, but health and emotional levels are depressed, and problems of control intrude into most relationships. There is an intoxication here that comes from the taste of forbidden fruit, however, and challenging authority, demanding your way, and doing things your father would disapprove of makes your stay meaningful, if not altogether pleasurable. If you're here only briefly, most of the effects of this zone probably won't even be felt, but an indefinable taste will tempt you to return for a more thorough experience later.

This zone, under astrological Saturn, is for those for whom happiness is not enough. No one has better described the experience of this planet of limitation and power than Liz Greene, in her epochal book, Saturn: "Human beings do not earn free will except through self-discovery, and they do not attempt self-discovery until things have become so painful that they have no other choice." Accordingly, this location is one in which you will be tested by frustration, but from this testing you emerge with knowledge of both your limitations and your actual powers. Conscious beings utilize defeat and restriction as propulsion towards self- development and greater awareness, so that every difficulty you encounter (and there are apt to be many) should be seen as prefigurement of an emerging part of the personality requiring exploration and assimilation. Saturn represents the Shadow, the repressed parts of self, memory, and personality that must be come to terms with for wholeness to be accomplished. No one can utilize their potential for power in the world without first assimilating this darker side of selfhood, since its repression requires tremendous psychic energy which, when liberated, can be directed toward creativity.

The spirit is essentially unlimited -- anything is imaginable, but material reality (and human bodies) are bound by time and strict physical laws which establish the limits of possibility. Residence in this zone makes you aware of such limitations, in abstract and specific contexts, and as such confinements are usually the result of either health or economic strictures, it is these concerns that most often become problems. Constant concentration upon limited material reality in turn gives rise to an attitude of essential conservatism -- life is seen as a limited quantity, to be economized and frugally stored up. Weak parts of the self are transformed into strengths through this type of lonely toil and dedication which is motivated by remembrance of insult or insufficiency. Patience and wisdom come after long self-searching, and what is gained here is yours and yours alone, an inner fiber that less afflicted personalities will never appreciate. Disciplined power, constructive material values, realism, resourcefulness, seriousness, self-denial, and control are perfected here, and others are expected to share or confirm your puritanical, melancholy point of view.

Saturn was a dark, archaic earth god, and so symbolizes our attachment to matter and the earth, quite out of fashion in our modern, cerebral, technological "information society." Here, where his influence is strong, you may seek religious or material roots, and experience a more direct, primitive level of being. Saturn was also the god of Time, so protective of his own power that he ate his children rather than see them grow to overthrow him, and as such symbolizes the negative aspects of this zone: power lust, entrenchment of authority (you may have to deal with frustrating, unresponsive people who hold unassailable, paternal power over you), blind conservatism, and institutional dehumanization.

Saturn, in its earliest and least developed phase, represents this blind power in both its poles: the absolute autocrat, authoritarian, intolerant, tyrannical, and cruel, and the victim, powerless and constantly assailed. Experience at one pole usually creates its opposite, as young people victimized by harsh and unresponsive parents will grow themselves to be authoritarian and narrow-minded. Both power and powerlessness corrupt with either tyranny or a defeatist expectation of failure. After longer experience with Saturn, you realize how Time is an ally -- tyrants will age, and water wears away the stone. This capacity to use Time must come, of course, with maturity. If you come close to mastering Saturn, you will shine with its positive qualities: dependability, material success, wisdom, ambition, perseverance, responsibility, prudence, realism, and wry, ironic humor. You know life is not easy, but in recognizing its limitations and inherent materiality, you are guided to an appreciation of the here and now, the possible and attainable.

Saturn zones seem to have a telescoping effect on time: days, full of toil and often frustration, seem long, but decades pass unresisting. Instinctively recognizing that Time is the key to understanding this locale and the problem it poses, you plan years in advance and never question your ability to develop ambitions that require lifelong application. Occasionally tiring of the continual frustration and slow, painful progress, you may plan for years to leave this zone, but stay on anyway, deriving compensatory satisfaction from seeing Time's plan unfold and learning the power and efficacy of determination, tenacity, and resoluteness.

This zone is particularly difficult for the imaginative, the superficial, for people who want happiness and pleasure alone from life, whose relationships are important to them, and who continually delegate the power to run their own lives to others. Saturn is not kind to such, continually demanding deeper awareness by imposing from without a discipline and awareness of life's depth that is denied within. Conversely, those who demand autonomy and power over their own lives, and are fascinated with politics, government, and authority may find this zone almost congenial, though never easy.

As a woman, your experience here may harken back to, or in some way attempt to resolve, your relationship with your father, which may be experienced over and over with males with whom you deal. Society does not much encourage an awareness of political and personal power in women, so frequently women in Saturn zones like this one attract powerful men or partners to them and act out (and hopefully learn) their own power potential through relationships. Of course, this leaves you open to victimization, which will occur again and again until you recognize your own capacity for power. Tradition, poor health, family, and other responsibilities may assume the role of tyrant in your life, but be assured all such point to a need for you to take control of your own destiny.

The practical, immediate effects of living in this zone center on overcoming obstacles and acquiring direction and purpose in life. You will learn the hard way what is lacking in your makeup, and periods of hardship, penury, privation, enforced idleness, hunger, delay, miserliness, disappointment, or loneliness all serve to point you to your weaknesses and repressed potentials which must be come to terms with here. Personal power, health, and vitality seem at lowest ebb, and other people seem to have all the things you want, so are envied or disliked. You choose a monkish or Spartan existence, seem older than your years, and find responsibility and duty (often to the elderly or family members) burdensome and overwhelming. Despite all this, you learn to fend for yourself and learn to recognize and compensate for your limitations realistically -- physically, mentally, and socially. You enjoy hard work and acquire will power, frugality, and orderliness, taking life a day at a time, thinking little of pleasure or reward, but rather of humility and doing a good job. Your moods are apt to be depressed, and thoughts tend to center on weighty subjects: death, materialism, determinism, or fate.

The occult and black arts may be delved into through your fascination with the forbidden, as well as a need for self-protection. Dirt, decay, and uncleanliness are often themes in this area, though you can feel an ironic sense of freedom. Pleasures here are made all the sweeter by their rarity and, like carnival, because they precede deprivations. Saturn zones tend to be ones in which your health weaknesses surface, and among its lessons is the inescapable fact that the mind's enchainment to the physical body has pain and debilitation as its ultimate eventuality. Bones, joints, skin, and sense organs frequently deteriorate here, and deficiencies are felt.

Relationships are apt to be based on unequal power, and thus are the seat of much struggle and contest. People are seen essentially as competitors, and personal ambition leaves little room for cooperation. Work goes best in earthy, self-motivated fields, and farming can succeed with considerable toil; mining, and other occupations dealing with crystals, lead, gems, cement, death, mathematics, property, coal, refrigeration, or allied ideas are linked to Saturn and may succeed after long preparation and drudgery.

Even if you don't travel to these areas, they may represent parts of the world that you fear or dislike. You may be repelled by ethnic types or religious, racial, or cultural expressions coming from these areas, as they stimulate reflection on parts of your past and psyche that you would rather forget. People from these zones push all your buttons, and you often become involved in power conflicts with them. There is a strange fatality to such areas -- for all your intense dislike and fear of them, you are at times drawn to them and may find that from them comes some symbol or tool to release a new level of maturity and self-fulfilment. These areas are poor for all but very long-term investments, though values acquired here are permanent, immune to inflation or speculation.

This, then, is the underlying psychological principle of the planetary influence operating for you in this location, and you should strive to understand the abstract as well as the particular manifestation of this energy as described above. However, due to the position held at birth at this location, it is apt to operate more in certain life areas than in others.

The position Saturn occupies in this location tends to stress your relationship with your family and with the psychological concepts of your origins, "roots," and inmost self-definition. You may find yourself tied unwillingly to the past, the family, or its traditions (as in the care of an aging relative and the burdens that such would impose), but through such assumption of responsibility, you symbolically come to terms with and define the character of your own declining years. Finding yourself tied as well to family traditions, religion, outdated customs, and property, the inheritance or ownership of property is likely here, though it will take more than its toll in effort and drudgery. There can be a sense of bitterness and awareness of what you have missed in life but, on the positive side, this area is one in which you center yourself, finding inexhaustible reserves of inner fiber and power, and create a self-image that can weather any storm. A close and small circle of truly reliable friends or relatives constitutes the foundation of a sense of security and acceptance. You may come to expect a dry, dispassionate, and friendless environment, withdrawing from society and becoming something of a hermit.

The image of the desert may be a relevant symbol here, as it doesn't rain much while you're around. Agriculture may fail, but there are possibilities for success in minerals and mining, and land values gradually increase. Like Biblical hermits, you can excel in self-denial, mortification (often for the sake of others), contemplation, and an austere self-mastery. More abstractly, this area is one in which your religion and world view get in touch with an archaic Earth-centered tradition, and you may feel greater attachment to Native American traditions, or more primal, tribal types of social community. Isolation seems a part of your home environment which may be cut off from the usual forms of social accessibility. Stagnation, reclusiveness, ill health, and loneliness may have to be dealt with, but such privations work to identify the limits which you can endure. This is a poor place to retire, unless autonomy and isolation appeal to you, and the idea of a place uniquely your own (largely because no one else wants it) can spur you to self-mastery and empowerment.

This location lies a little to the west of the exact planetary influence; therfore, of the possibilities listed above, those which suggest the direct influence on you by your family, cultural, or ethnic background are the ones most likely to manifest. The planet tends to act outside of you, and polarizes your self-image in opposition to its more negative potentials, requiring by either positive example or direct coercion your development of the described qualities. Who you are, meaning in this case who your family, past, and "roots" have been, becomes a potent force in the creation of who you are growing to be, a force whose nature will conform closely to the description above. Living here will change these most inward of concepts of self, often by direct confrontation with your origins and past.

While the possibilities of how these influences might interact are limitless, the description below suggests some of the experiences you can expect.

Jupiter*Saturn THE MIDDLE PATH
In this zone, moderation, social attainment, and slow but steady rise to status and accomplishment are the result of an environment that forces progress with both the carrot and the stick; the stick may be first and most obvious, while it may take time (perhaps until after age 29) for the carrot's presence to be felt. There is a feeling of necessity and urgency that operates quite apart from real concerns -- a sense of time quickly running out that demands the creation of security, social accomplishment, and perseverance toward objectives that seem inadequate as quickly as they are attained. You feel that you must formulate a material, philosophical, and social basis for your life, and that status and success are major requirements. Surroundings tend to reinforce orderly, conscientious, ambitious, and middle class values, so that life takes on an uninspired, practical, purposeful, and balanced nature. Impelled by an orthodox, honorable sense of dignity, you have to work hard for what you get, and while opportunities offer themselves unexpectedly from time to time, you won't pin all your hopes on them, as true success comes later, with plodding routine, duty, and justified advancement.

You work for what you get here, and savings accrue steadily and predictably. Life wants to get into a rut but does so only after some remarkable opportunities are exploited, these often centering on easy meetings with powerful people, leaders, politicians, and the minds that establish directions for society, who (to your surprise) find you interesting and possessed of resources they feel they need. You may work long hours for low pay, but jobs are secure, and civil service or corporate organizational positions open to retirement, with the gold watch and the feeling that your senior years will be secure, the fruits of hard labor. Time is your greatest ally here and, while you may greet new possibilities with anxiety and uncertainty, fearful that any change may constitute loss, your perseverance assures that you can take control of new situations, albeit slowly. You don't get away with anything; neither will you lose what is rightly yours. Stability, careful organization, orthodoxy, sobriety, and narrow-minded materialism echo a concern for your "office" in society. The more you reach for this bourgeois success, the more you fear you might have missed something.

The material presented above describes the most potent and significant planetary influences operating at the location you have designated at the time of your birth. It is these concerns and manifestations that should demand your concentrated attention, and it could be suggested that it is to assimilate and understand this type of experience that you have considered residence in this locale. However, there are additional, less potent influences, that also operate here, due to the geographical latitude at which it is located, a latitude that has special importance for you. These influences will constitute a "subplot" or subsidiary influence while you are here, influences of about one-third the power of the major ones described above, and ones which are apt to manifest in relationships especially -- with either you or your partner acting them out.

Personal power -- its use, abuse, and the effects it has in relationships -- is a major concern in this part of the world, where you may encounter extreme situations involving domination and submission, with you on either end. Anything to do with Mars -- sexuality, energy, athletics, force, self-projection, mastery of the environment -- cannot be accomplished simply, but involves the deepest and most sensitive areas of the personality in a battle for supremacy over powers almost superhuman in nature. Everything becomes a contest, and a compulsive concern with the masculine image and glorification of the "macho" ideal reflects a subtle suppression of the sexual nature and its transmutation into a dangerously inflated quest for power. This is an antisocial location, one in which major life changes occur and new directions are taken, usually as the result of the collapse of previously relied-on structures and relationships. Moral values are seen as superfluous (by you or, often, those around you with whom you have to deal), so there is the possibility of criminality, with you the victim or perpetrator, often with vengeance, passion, or the establishment of power over another as the object.

Sexuality, if not suppressed altogether, may take some pretty bizarre forms, and passion, when allowed to surface, can be explosive and cathartic. Dramatic alteration in life's directions often accompanies sexual discoveries or first experiences. Childbirth and reproductive concerns are fraught with difficulty, and excretory functions, decomposition, and dogs may become symbols on which concern is constantly focused, representing a death-and-rebirth theme. In this intense, competitive climate, violence may seem to be the answer to every problem, as you become somewhat more coarse, uncouth, cruel, and indomitable, suiting you better for martial arts or other demanding situations where rough-and-ready competitiveness is an advantage. The military and intensely demanding athletics are career areas where this otherwise unmanageable energy might be an advantage. You are a "man among men" (even if you're a woman), and obsession with power and proving yourself assures an arduous time in this gloomy, testing, and contentious zone. As a result, you learn to stand on your own and make great strides toward independence and autonomy.

Even though the following influence is subtle, it can be developed, especially if it seems compatible with your personality or with other influences operating in this location. Look upon it as a potential resource constituting an occasional or less important preoccupation.

A chronic case of "foot-in-mouth disease" guarantees life will rarely be quiet and that changes and self-awareness are results of far too many lessons in the virtues of silence. Controversy seems to accompany everything you say, though introspection will reveal that people are only reacting to the chip you're carrying on your shoulder and to an arrogant, boastful, and provocative verbal representation lacking diplomacy and tact. Still, you are able to attain your goals, muscle is put into ideas, the pen is mightier than the sword, and original research (often scientific) is vigorously undertaken. This is a good area to find and enjoy manual, farm, laboring, or other forms of active and strenuous work. Even simple jobs are made into Herculean tasks, since physical exertion is beneficial in dissipating some of the belligerence and irritability that are generated here. Socially, though, you may have problems, as these planets together are seen by others as rude, coarse, perhaps malicious, vengeful, sarcastic, and cutting. Or, when their effects are internalized, you may be subject to nerves, allergies, or repeated infection. Injuries caused by rash and precipitate action, particularly in driving, travel, or the use of machinery or vehicles, also can result from bottled-up resentments. Your sensitivity makes you seem adolescent, awkward and painfully reactive, though verbally formidable, particularly in "put-downs."

Skill and dexterity can be developed in manual arts, and if you are working hard at carpentry, a craft, outdoor work, or skilled labor, this zone can be constructive rather than problematical. Competitive instincts are considerably sharpened, you are good at shrewd self-promotion and advertising (beware of alienating people with a hard sell), and you'll enjoy rigorous examinations and opportunities to prove yourself. But details tend to overwhelm you, hairs are split, and intolerance to criticism alienates the well-intentioned. Sexual exploitation, overwork, and even criminality can manifest here, so the area is best avoided by those not already self-possessed and calm. You'll need to cultivate cautious, tolerant friends to act as brakes on your impetuosity. As a woman, you'll find this area particularly risky and challenging; men won't much like your independence nor the sardonic, verbal way in which you assert it. There is even risk of attack, accident, or health problems, though the area may be congenial if you are willing to forego the usual female roles and put up with the confrontations.

In addition to the permanent, lifelong planetary influences described above, which affect the location you inquired about no matter when you reside there or deal with it, there are also important influences of a temporary nature. These operate strongly during the period about which you inquired (this year if you did not specify a time period).

During the time period you designated for residence in this zone, there is a powerful temporary influence, lasting about three months, though possibly briefly recurring throughout the year. When it is past, your reactions to this zone should return to conformity with its lifetime indications described above, but during this period, expansiveness, optimism, and increased self-esteem are promoted by external events which offer opportunities, honors, rewards, and recognition. You will be dealing significantly with concepts of conformity and social or cultural regulation at this time, most likely through authorities' recognition or reward of your accomplishments, but your appetite for success and wealth may exceed the benevolence of even this fortunate influence, as you complain that what has been offered you is not enough or is not what you wanted. Objectively, however, business is apt to be excellent, and opportunities proliferate; social advancement occurs, and health improves. Progress is made in an atmosphere of plenty and surplus. Others see you as somehow deserving of recognition and honor (perhaps subtly unwanted or limiting to freedom and individuality), and your teaching and healing abilities are at peak effectiveness now.

You exude leadership and "quality" and expect everyone to acknowledge an inherent superiority which you feel now, an expectation that may not lodge well with the less trendy and fashion-conscious of your acquaintances. Too bad for them, though, since you may now be admitted to the company of the rich and famous (albeit briefly), expand your social circle, and find you have more (too much?) to do to worry about depressing problems. Others' rights and opinions may not seem very important right now, as you feel your way is the only right way and that this opinion is validated by the new world of opportunity which seems to be opening for you. In the midst of all this hope for the future, keep in mind this influence is short-lived, and try to accumulate durable and real accomplishments.

These, then, are the important astrological influences which affect this location, now and in the future. Needless to say, they all won't manifest the moment you arrive, but will indeed emerge as the most powerful psychological potentials over time.

This concludes our enumeration and description of the planetary influences, permanent and temporary, that affect the locations that you submitted. As you have observed, some of the information is psychological in nature, as it is the belief of ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY that planets act, not through any mystical "power" or magic, but by paralleling potentials in the human psyche, and in orderly and comprehensible fashion, marking the development of this maturity. It is hoped that you are able in this way to see that there are really no "good" or "bad" locations for you -- that in the process of growing into mature completeness, you will have to experience every psychological possibility. At best, this report will work to inform you what these are for you in the locations you are considering, letting you know what to expect, and so empowering you to be able to utilize the most positive possibilities.

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