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    Steven Forrest Live Events Calendar

    Online Workshop

    August 22-24, 2020

    Steven presents a 3-day workshop for Fellowships of the Spirit. Originally scheduled as an in-person event in New York, because of the pandemic, this event will be conducted online via Zoom.

    Topic: Stoking the Fires of Joy and Resilience

    Life is often difficult, but built into everyone’s spirit is a fountain of joy and resilience. If we can learn how to tap into it, we can heal from any loss, defeat, or sorrow, and come back stronger than ever. For each of us, a unique and personal  path to that spiritual buoyancy is discernible in the astrological birthchart. The map involves heeding the healing message of the Moon and the enlivening message of the Sun, along with learning to dance to the rhythm of our life-giving Fire planets.

    (Attendance counts for 3 points toward certification in Steven’s Astrological Apprenticeship Program)

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    Denver, CO

    September 12, 2020

    Steven presents Figuring Out Which Mountain to Climb for the ISAR Conference now online.

    The epochal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction may occur in Aquarius, but the two giant planets have been dancing together, mostly in Capricorn, for a year. And they have not been alone: Pluto has been their constant, invisible companion, and Pluto’s presence changes everything. What unconscious material has been surfacing in the collective mind? How have we been afforded an opportunity to create a radically new, Aquarian future – provided we can discern what Capricornian traditions are worth keeping and which ones only anchor us in a dysfunctional past? We can climb any mountain – but can we determine which one is the right one?

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    Alpine, CA


    November 5-8, 2020*

    *The May 2020 event was cancelled due to COVID-19 and rescheduled for November.  


    Mastering astrology requires working knowledge of many specifics – planets, houses, and so on. But the real art lies in seeing the big picture. In the November 2019 program, we focused on strategies for achieving success in that department with the birthchart. Many of them boiled down to the care of feeding of our precious intuitive function: an orderly approach, a clear sense of “first things first,” and caution about overloading our intellects to the detriment of our hearts. 

    In this upcoming class, we will bring these same skills and mindful values to bear upon astrology’s ultimate challenge: reading transits, progressions, and solar arcs in an integrative, “big picture” way. The stampede of those many moving points interacts with the birthchart – which is already quite complex. Staying on top of this flood of symbols requires that we raise the same skills we explored in November to a whole new level, with the addition of some truly draconian strategic editing – knowing what to leave out is as important as knowing what to explore. 

    Steven anticipates that the first two days will be spent offering an overview of “predictive” interpretation strategy. After that, we will work with the charts of class members, going deeply – not only into the understanding of what is going on currently in anyone’s chart – but also into how we go about presenting the material in a helpful, comprehensible way to a non-professional. 


    Cost: $550 includes full lunch and breakfast snacks all four days and dinner celebration Saturday night.

    Workshop Times: 9:00-5:00pm all four days.

    To Register Contact: Ingrid and Paula

    details about registration, lodging and travel

    *Recommended Reading for this program: The Inner Sky

    This workshop is worth 4 Credits towards certification.

    Borrego Springs, CA

    Borrego Springs, CA

    JANUARY 31 - FEBRUARY 2, 2020

    Only 11 students per class! 

    Join Steven for a very special weekend workshop for advanced apprentice students who wish to attain the “Master Astrologer” designation. This hands-on workshop is only open to 11 students.

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