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New Attendees

Dear Potential AP Student:

Newcomers are welcome to the Southern California location of Steven Forrest's astrology apprentice program. To get the most out of the experience, we strongly encourage that you have at least a solid basic understanding of astrology and its symbolism, and that you have read Steven's first book The Inner Sky and listened to or watched his Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology course.

Personally, I find that Steven's approach is so much more interesting and helpful to the client than conventional astrology. Steven is a wonderful teacher with a terrific command of language and a deep insight into human nature. He is also a very intriguing person and a wonderful speaker and storyteller.

If you're worried you'll feel lost or out of place in a group that's been meeting for several years, don't be! We are a very welcoming group and you'll find yourself right at home from the first day. You'll find it refreshing and stimulating to be able to "speak astrology" with like-minded folks. And you'll leave with new friendships and feeling part of the clan.

Ingrid Coffin Please note that the programs hosted by Blue Sky Ranch are limited in size and the first spots do go to repeat students. After pre-registration, we open up the remaining spots for everyone.

I would love to have you join us if you are interested in the evolutionary approach to this wonderful counseling tool. I hope to meet you soon!

Grant that today we may do work that matters,

-Ingrid Coffin, program director at Blue Sky Ranch