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August 2009 Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to our August 2009 newsletter. We are in the yearly transit of the Sun through Leo, the sign it rules. The Sun is always a Presence, here in the desert, and never more so than at this time of year. You know, intellectually, that the Sun is a star, but in the desert you truly experience it on a sensory level as a star. You can see and feel it blazing long before it looms above the horizon at dawn. The starkness and brilliance of the light is unmistakable, energizing, and commands so much attention that it's difficult to sleep past dawn if you're indoors, and all but impossible if you've slept outside, as though the Sun had summoned your consciousness back to the waking world, away from the realm of the night and the Moon. The force and heat of the Sun are so great that almost all creatures should take shelter from the open desert before mid-morning--the solar energy must be respected, and the inexperienced hiker who ventures out at the wrong hour is in serious danger. You can understand why people in whom the astrological Sun is strong can exert so much charisma and magnetism, and inspire so much loyalty or fear. You can understand why this vast fiery Presence was seen as an all-powerful god in so many cultures.

To tap into the energizing and centering power of the astrological Sun, consider its placement in your natal chart. Feed your Sun by following the journey of its sign through the path of its house, and it will strengthen and invigorate you, and help give your life meaning and purpose. A healthy Sun makes it easier to express all the rest of your chart in a healthy way.

Our solar oven taps into the energy of the astronomical Sun. The oven is light and portable, easily carried outside. Food takes about twice as long to cook, although you can leave the oven outside longer with no harm to the meal. Nothing burns or sticks to the pans. Food tastes juicier, more moist, and just plain better. The oven uses no electricity and does no harm to the environment. Interested? Check out The Solar Oven Society website

And that's just one very tiny example. We hope that the world's governments realize how much power is available overhead for going green.


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