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July 2009 Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to our July 2009 newsletter. An almost-full Moon is glowing in the desert sky and gazing in at me through our porch door I type these words, and Manda the Cat is stretched out at my feet (ready to edit on the laptop keyboard if I let her). The scene feels very Cancerian, particularly since parts of this desert are an ancient sea bed. Perhaps Saturn rules linear time, and the Moon is connected to cyclical time. Certainly our inner emotional lives, ruled by the Moon, aren't particularly bound to linear time. Consider how time behaves in your dreams -- there is, theoretically, no time in the unconscious.

I suspect these musings are fueled by the upcoming lunar eclipse--for more on that, see the third block of this newsletter.

We'll be home a bit more than usual this month, and are pleased that both of our in-person practices are picking up despite the desert's summer heat. It's very dry, and feels much better to us than NC's humid heat did. The night air is soft and nourishing and magical this time of year, and always full of stars.

Scroll down for our and workshop lecture schedule, and a bit about the eclipse.


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