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February 2011 Newsletter

Dreaming the Volcano

Caught in the buzz of the bustling New Year energy, I've just returned home with hours of great video footage filmed with Steven in El Dorado, CA. The goal of the shoot was to create Steven's first official Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology DVD. This footage will serve as a much needed introduction to the material Steven presents in his Apprenticeship Programs, but in a format that doesn't require airfare! We're very excited about the footage and look forward to sharing it with you in the coming months - so stay tuned.

In other news, have you noticed the revolution(s)?! And Uranus hasn't even entered Aries yet! (It does so on March 12). I think we can all agree that dramatic changes are at hand. As old structures are challenged and some start to crumble, the best advice of the day seems to be "go with the flow". And on that note...

Steven will be sharing his thoughts on the personal and collective meanings of the planetary shifts at play over the next few years, in the upcoming Dreaming the Volcano series. At the video shoot last week, I had Steven give us a preview. You can catch that here.

You'll have 2 opportunities to enjoy this exciting material - at the next Apprenticeship workshop at Blue Sky Ranch May 12-15 Details here, and in September at the Calistoga, CA program (details soon).

Thanks for your support and for sharing this newsletter with friends and on Facebook.

Warm wishes,

Tony Howard

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Jupiter In Aries

Steven ForrestWhen the expansive, damn-the-torpedoes energy of Jupiter collides with the primeval fires of Aries the Warrior, we naturally expect fireworks. At the mechanical astrological level, each side of the equation supercharges the other. We will see real courage. Genuine heroism will arise. We are already seeing these effects in the Middle East as citizens stand up against oppressive governments. You may need to do the same at your own microcosmic level.

In astrology, every front has a back. Inevitably, there is a potential dark side to everything. With Jupiter feeding the Arian bravado, we will get idiots who think they are bullet-proof. Tempers can flare. Until June, when Jupiter moves on into the more placid Taurean waters, few people on the planet earth will be angry. Instead, many will be "righteously indignant," convinced of their own offended virtue. Choruses of heavenly angels are singing, "Count to ten before you hit Send. 

From the evolutionary viewpoint, we are invited to be bold and audacious, and to be willing to bet on ourselves. The critical Jupiter questions are always, how have I been underestimating myself? How have I been settling for too little? In this case, those questions apply to your courage. They apply to your willingness to stand up for yourself. It is a time to be assertive.  

Straightforward, direct honesty about your desires, needs, and frustrations is likely to bear fruit - or at least to lead to clear resolutions of situations that are ultimately irredeemable. And the Arian Warrior does not look back at burning bridges. He or she simply moves forward.


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