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October Newsletter 2011

Student Protests Rights AllowedI've been thinking about the increase in revolutionary activity and social tension in the world, which as we know exists in resonance with the current planetary alignments. And I’m feeling excited about what this means for astrologers because it just might be that people are perfectly primed to take in what we have to say.  

Take some time to enjoy Steven's thoughts in this newsletter, and then talk about these ideas with friends. People know something is happening - they can feel it in their bones. This is a perfect time to share with them what you know astrology can do. There is relevance in the heavens right now that’s truly hard to ignore when you understand how to interpret the planetary archetypes.

And we can seize this moment to describe this with our friends, with our families, and even with complete strangers! I say share what you know with anyone who will listen. Because it’s high time that people awaken to the knowledge that we are not separate from the earth, the solar system, and the universe. We are all connected, and all of our actions have relevance to everyone and everything. Astrology can help impart that most necessary healing revelation.

Well that good ole Sagittarian moon today has clearly activated my inner cheerleader! But I’d like to leave you with a question to ponder. Astrology has a role to play in the unfolding of current events. How will you conspire to bring its revelations to light?

Warm wishes,

Tony Howard

Protests in the News

Steven Forrestby Steven Forrest

News about the “occupation of Wall Street” has been hard to come by. Like the successful protesters in the recent “Arab Spring,” I wouldn’t have known anything significant was happening in New York if it weren’t for people using Facebook to get the word out. In contemplating this lapse of journalistic integrity, my mind immediately goes to the tightening square between Uranus and Pluto. (I discuss my broader take on that configuration elsewhere on the website - in case you are interested, have a look).
Let’s break it down. I will start with the darker perspectives, then try to move toward synthesis and integration. On the grim side, Pluto correlates with the love of power, an openness to corruption, and actions that people usually want to keep secret. Capricorn links to government and the social order. Putting them together, we have the classic recipe for the darkest face of systemic repression. Mubarek? Gaddafi? What about the financial power structures of the western world? How are they similar? How are they different?

Uranus is the rebel, with or without a cause or any deep reflection. Uranus also links with technology. Aries is rage. So here, again on the dark side, we see angry, technologically-armed rebels hell-bent on destruction.
Throw in the square aspect, and it begins to resemble the old Star Wars films  - the rebels destroy the Death Star and then “The Empire Strikes Back.” And then of course the rebels strike again. Technologically-savvy rebels are “squared off” against the repressive government. The Star Wars metaphor is nearly perfect.

Facebook-armed revolutionaries helped bring down Mubarek and Gaddafi. The verdict is still out on Syria. And what about the recent riots in London and Greece? And of course, we are seeing it right here in America now too in the imagery of police pepper-spraying young women simply for shouting and carrying signs. And we see it in the even scarier media black-out on all these events. What is happening behind the scenes? Who is pulling the strings? With Pluto, it is usually very hard to know.

Naturally I have political feelings. To me, that is part of what it takes to be a good citizen in a democracy. But I personally get annoyed when I see anyone use astrology to say “vote for this person.” To me, that is exactly the same as when some “Christian” zealot claims to know that Jesus would be in the Tea Party. If we don’t respect human diversity, we have no business being an astrologer, period. To name evil when we see it is right and necessary. But to view an opposite point-of-view as inherently and automatically evil is . . . well, what it is equates with the engine that actually drives evil: dehumanization.

I personally smell something evil in the media blackout over events in New York. Maybe I am wrong. That is only my opinion. 
But here is something that is more than opinion. In the upcoming cycle of Uranus-Pluto squares, humanity is quite possibly “about to hurt enough” to make some necessary adjustments and evolutionary leaps – or maybe we will just hurt, and bleed, and rage. (All that material is covered in the video I referenced earlier.)

The aim with squares, from the high perspective, is always an integration of antagonistic elements. Passions are running high now, and the issues are real. But when we let those energies drive us to dehumanize each other, we have simply become part of the problem - one more pint of gasoline on the fire. When protesters are pepper-sprayed or worse, I call that evil. What about when someone thinks a highly-regimented, conservative  capitalist society is best for all concerned? (Think Singapore) And what if someone else believes a socialist “no one left behind” society is better? (Think Denmark) Are we talking about Good and Evil here? Or just different attitudes and different people trying to co-exist on a very small planet? Singapore works. So does Denmark. I know where I would want to live. Probably you do too. Maybe our answers are different. Good! More room for both of us.

The bottom line is that the integrations must happen inside us all before we can expect to see them in the outer world.

I heard that a woman had an audience with the Dalai Lama. On the way there, she saw a man beating a dog. When she arrived, she expressed her upset at the violence she had witnessed. The Dalai Lama said that when she felt the same compassion for man doing the beating as she did for the poor dog, she would understand Buddhism.

What are these monstrous dogs we believe are outside ourselves?



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