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November 2014 Newsletter


Mercury the Messenger

Steven is just back from his annual trip to China, and after a grueling travel schedule, we're giving him a break from his newsletter-writing duties. But that doesn't mean you won't get your Steven fix this month. I've been busy editing some new audio for you and have just prepared not one, but THREE new releases-all on the planet Mercury. Details below.

Most of us know Mercury as the messenger planet, ruling the transmission of information, transport and translation. But Mercury also has to do with omens and synchronicities, a subject Steven explores in more depth in the new programs.

Mercury relates to the key conversations we have in which we receive and disseminate new information. Along that vein, Mercury relates to education, fact-collecting and reporting.

This fast-moving planet also has to with physical motion and speedy, chaotic developments that unfold in our lives.

At first glance, Mercury may not seem as compelling to explore as the juicy outer planets like Pluto. But let's not forget that mythologically, Mercury was the one god who could travel between the worlds, able to move through Pluto's underworld with an all-access pass. So Mercury represents the vehicle that gives us awareness of that subterranean psychological domain. Without Mercury, Pluto would remain "under wraps" so to speak.

For that reason, ravens may very well fall under Mercury's domain. In Native American culture, ravens bring messages and omens, usually of the Underworld variety. And rituals with ravens were enacted to clarify one's visions.

Sandman and raven In Norse mythology, ravens figure prominently as Hugin and Munin, or "thought" and "memory," Odin's constant companions. I was first introduced to these characters in Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic book series. Gaiman is famous for weaving beloved mythological characters into imaginative new tales. As a side note, I highly recommend his latest book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

You might notice that even this brief jaunt through Mercury's many meanings was rather, well, Mercurial. Jumping from topic to topic, a Mercurial person can sometimes be characterized as "all over the map." But I like to think we always get to the finish line - we just zig zag on our way there.

I hope you enjoy diving into Mercury with Steven this month. As usual, I'm here for any questions you have or extra support you might need.

Take care,

New Releases!

Getting to Know Mercury

Mercury AstrologyThe perfect introduction to the planet Mercury, in this lecture you'll learn about Mercury's associations with speed, thought, and communication, as well as its lesser-mentioned signification with omens. Learn how to work constructively with Mercurial information overload and how to watch for signs and synchronicities. The universe really is speaking to you everyday, and Mercury is your direct line.

1 hr. | mp3 format | includes handout
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Mercury through the 12 Signs

Mercury in the 12 Signs In this follow-up to Getting to Know Mercury, in this recording, Steven continues his exploration of Mercury with descriptions of its placement in each of the 12 signs.

2 hrs. 16 min. | mp3 format
$15 Order Now

The Mercury Workshop

Mercury astrology workshop If you're already familiar with Mercury, you may want to jump right into this full workshop on the messenger planet. Based on his earlier lecture Purifying the Three Poisons, you'll learn how to work intentionally with Mercury energy. Includes a look at the astronomical nuts and bolts, high and low response to the planet, Mercury and omens, natal Mercury retrograde, and the planet's developmental focus. Also included are detailed examples and extended discussion of Mercury in each of these signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus.

3 hrs. 37 min. | mp3 format
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