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December 2014 Newsletter

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Working Consciously with Mercury, Venus and Mars

by Steven Forrest

We are proud to offer our newest instructional program this month: “Working Consciously With Mercury, Venus, and Mars.”

I love the immediacy and liveliness of teaching a room full of astrologers, and I am never so happy in that department as I am sitting with my apprentices. With serious, informed students and four or five days to work, we are able to probe deeply into the heart of evolutionary astrology.

A year ago, I offered this particular program to my southern California students. Tony Howard brought his video camera and captured the introductory material, which is what we present here.

By the way, if any of you have ever thought about coming to one of my “AP’s,” watching this video would give you a sense of the nature of the work-with one major caveat. The soul of the AP lies in the relationships we generate there, as well as work with specific charts. Once I’ve outlined a topic, we typically work directly with the charts of class members, applying the principles and sharing our human experiences. People are vulnerable and revealing in that process, and for that reason we keep that work 100% confidential. So you won't find that part of the program in this video.

In fact, for many years, we have simply kept a tight lid on ALL recordings of the AP, reserving them strictly for class members. The expanding circle of the work and the great need in the world for this kind of astrology has led Tony and I to temper that policy somewhat. We have decided to release some of those recordings from time to time, but will edit out all sensitive material shared by participants. Unless we're given express permission to do so, you won't find any of the private chart readings in these recordings. But you'll get to enjoy the initial presentation of the topic that Steven gives in each program, unedited.

Steven ForrestIn a nutshell, “Working Consciously With Mercury, Venus, and Mars” is an in-depth introduction to these three planetary fundamentals. We enter the subject through a Buddhist doorway-that “three poisons” stand between us and happier conditions. One is Ignorance-and our idea here is that working correctly with Mercury can dispel that ignorance. The other two are Attachment and Aversion, which are cleared with a right relationship to Venus and Mars. It is a rich subject and one which all explore-knowingly or unknowingly-every day of our lives. As ever in evolutionary astrology, the chart describes the traps and pitfalls in which we find ourselves, and it points the way to the higher ground.

If you are drawn to a deeper relationship with this kind of astrology, we invite you to immerse yourself in this new material.

-Steven Forrest

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