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March 2016 Newsletter

Piscean Energy Dominates March

by Steven Forrest

Pisces Dream A couple of months ago, I wrote about the ongoing square of Neptune and Saturn and how our rational minds and our intuitive ones are currently engaged in a long, creative talk. Collectively we are invited to aim for the integration of our capacity for reason and our capacity for spirituality. We need to allow each of these modalities of thought and perception to have equal time, to encourage them to support each other as good friends do—with hard questions, helpful criticism, and unexpected insights. We observed that under this Saturn-Neptune aspect any cherished, but ungrounded spiritual beliefs we held would be challenged by pressing Saturnian reality. We could deny that challenge—and choose to live in a spiritual fairyland. Or we could accept it and become far wiser.

Equally—and a lot more fun to say—we recognized that our attachment to “grounded reason” would likely be humbled by inexplicable experiences: miracles, acts of grace, and visionary moments.

That integrative process continues until the Saturn-Neptune square fades out over the last two or three months of this year. But this month, the argument loses all semblance of fairness. Neptune utterly swamps Saturn, bringing in massive reinforcements in the form of a battalion of Piscean energies.

As the month opens, we find Chiron and the Moon’s south node in Pisces, along with a close-but-separating conjunction of Neptune and the Sun. That alone is a formidable array of “Neptunian” energy—remembering of course that Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and so there is a lot of shared DNA between Neptune and anything in Pisces.

That combo of energies in Pisces on March 1 is only the beginning. On the 5th day of the month, Mercury joins them. And on the 12th, so does Venus. The party begins to break up on the 20th when the Sun crosses into Aries for the Vernal Equinox. The following day, Mercury does the same. But for an amazing eight solid days, we have a total of six Piscean energies all working together: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Neptune, and the Moon’s south node.

Poor Saturn doesn’t stand a chance!

Before you cheer though, let’s remember that while Saturn may not be much fun, he is not the enemy here. The whole point of the Saturn-Neptune square is the realization that reason is not antagonistic to spirituality—only to bad religion and comforting metaphysical fantasies. Ultimately, the ongoing square of Saturn and Neptune is about spiritual maturity—and none of us are opposed to that, at least not in principle.

So what does this cosmic traffic jam in Pisces portend? An excellent rule of thumb in astrology is that every configuration has a high meaning and evolutionary purpose, along with lower possible manifestations. It is our own choices and effort that determines whether the coin lands heads up—or butt up. We will surely see that principle active here.

With all this Piscean energy in the air, I really do think that if you keep your eyes open, you will see some actual miracles. By “miracles,” I don’t necessarily mean anything really drastic—I only mean events that you cannot explain. They may not be dramatic, but if you think about them, they will raise enormous questions about the actual nature of reality. I am talking about simple happenings such as dreaming of someone you haven’t seen for a few years and then getting an email from her the next day. I am talking about playing Parcheesi and just knowing that you are about to roll double sixes—and, boom: double sixes. 

If you babble out loud about such events, you’ll sound like you are crazy. That’s good old Saturn, running his tapes about “staying grounded.” But these miracles will actually be there, right before your eyes. They come in through the Piscean doorway that separates everyday reality from other planes of existence, and that door is wide open during this period.

Close your eyes and it will get even more miraculous. With six points in Pisces, the veil between “this world and the next” grows very transparent. Your meditations during this month—and particularly during those magical eight days—can be quite profound. Your third eye is open. Maybe you will feel the presence of God or angels or higher beings. Maybe you will see a ghost. Maybe you will take a walk in a forest and find yourself sitting on a holy rock. You’ll feel its holiness too—what you won’t know is that a thousand years ago, a shaman used to sit there too. That’s why that rock is holy.

meditateBecause your spiritual power is so enhanced, especially during that time between March 12th and 20th, please visualize peace in this crazy world! And do remember that people who feel that war is the answer will be visualizing too.

In the larger scheme of things, the Neptunian side of the current Saturn-Neptune square is simply gathering a lot of momentum this month. Saturn’s job here is a quiet one. It only involves standing back and letting the Piscean mind and senses engage with a wider reality than your high school math teacher probably ever glimpsed. Your soul is gathering data.                    

What about the dark side of it? Anything this powerful has one.

We already mentioned that people who believe that wars can help will be visualizing too. Closer to the heart of the matter, during this month be careful of the parts of yourself that want to believe. Desires—and fears too—can easily be conflated with reality during times of Piscean emphasis. The spiritual ego can sneak into your radar-room. Want to “believe you are very psychic?” When you roll those Parcheesi dice, you’ll just know that a number between 2 and 12 is coming up—and, lo and behold, you are right! Proof!

Be wary of those beguiling ego-traps. The Virgin Mary’s face in the clouds and Jesus in the rust stains—they’ll be here too, if you have a psychological need to see them.

With Venus in the picture from March 12 until April 5, be particularly wary of “seeing what you want to believe” in romantic or intimate situations. Those areas of life are famously fraught with illusion, and it’s likely to be thick during this period too.

All these cautions are timely—but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. As we have seen, this Piscean cluster is all part of the ongoing negotiations between Saturn and Neptune. During this month, Neptune is bringing forth some very strong arguments on his side of the discussion—arguments that support the ultimate truth that we are ancient, luminous beings in a multi-dimensional universe, and that Saturn’s great lies about death, taxes, and reason are miles away from the mark.

Steven ForrestCollectively, we need to see some miracles. They are on their way.

By the way, if you will forgive a bit of transparent self-promotion, this would be an absolutely splendid time to buy and read The Book of Neptune! Or join me in my upcoming Neptune webinar.

- Steven Forrest

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