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    About Steven’s Astrological Approach

    Calistoga AP Retreat

    Calistoga AP Retreat

    Steven Forrest’s style of evolutionary astrology is centered on a philosophy of freedom and choice. Steven encourages people to use astrology to make better, wiser choices rather than attempting to “foresee the future” in some limiting way. There is less “description” and more “prescription” in his approach. Steven’s interpretations are psychological in tone, but assume that the soul is on an evolutionary path. Reincarnation is generally assumed, but not a required belief for the system to work. Technically, Steven’s astrological style is modern. He uses the Tropical zodiac, the outer planets, both modern and classical rulerships, and the Placidus house system.

    Steven has made his living as an astrologer for several decades. In his Apprenticeship Program, he teaches both the specific techniques of interpretation and the style of presentation that have made him one of the most successful astrologers of our time. Philosophically, he favors a “big tent” view of astrology, that leaves plenty of room for other astrological styles and system. Steven only takes issue with astrologers who do palpable harm to people.

    In Steven’s Astrology Apprentice Program (or “AP”) the focus is on his specific methodology. He encourages students to work with his approach in detail and test his methods on their own. Steven’s aim is not to convert anyone. He does not feel that astrology requires a Pope. But he is also aware that to learn a system well, one must engage with it as fully and deeply as one can.

    In this unique and supportive environment, Steven passes on the strategies that have been successful for him. Questions, individuation, and alternate perspectives are welcome, but only so long as they do not distract the groups from their core aim.

    The Apprenticeship Program began in May 1998. The groups were originally envisioned to meet for a total of six sessions over a period of three years. That worked out fine in Kansas City! But in California, the students basically wouldn’t let Steve stop. What has evolved is a kind of warm, “tribal family” feeling. Students come and go as they please, but many return year after year. Hundreds of students have passed through program. Several have written books and been featured speakers at astrological conferences.


    Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Groups are currently meeting in Southern California near San Diego, in Northern California north of San Francisco, in North Carolina, in Australia, in Europe, and in Mexico. For specific dates and topics, visit the Schedule.

    The two California groups each meet twice a year for eight hours a day, 9:00am – 5:00pm, for four days, including the weekend. Costs vary from program to program based on the location. The Australian and European programs meet at a resort and convenes once per year.

    Each program has its own coordinators. To learn more, use the navigation at the left to contact the organizers for the program you’re interested in. If you need additional help, contact Tony.

    Blue Sky AP Retreat

    Blue Sky AP Retreat


    The size of the groups varies from meeting to meeting. Depending on the venue, we will have between 25 and 75 students.


    Fundamental to the AP is our work with the charts of class members. Each program starts with Steven presenting some lecture material around a specialized topic such as "Intentional Transits and Progressions" or "The Primal Triad: Sun Moon and Ascendant." After establishing the foundation, the names of class members are drawn at random from a hat. We then apply the astrological theory of the topic to the real-life playing ground of our own charts. This provides an excellent reality test, and also a chance to ask each other in-depth questions about how each person is experiencing these energies. No one is required to put their name into the drawing and only a few names are pulled in each session. Because of the personal revelations involved, we observe a very strict policy of confidentiality within the program. Your attendance is express compliance with our strict confidentiality policy. We ask that you not share someone else’s personal information outside the group.

    Each meeting of the Apprenticeship Program is recorded. Several of the four-day seminars have also been transcribed. In order to maintain confidentiality, this material is ONLY available to people who have attended at least one full, four-day session of any of the official AP programs. Once you’ve attended, you are “part of the family,” and we assume you’ll treat each of the other members with respect for their privacy.


    New students who have attended a single program, gain access to a vast library of previous meetings. A motivated learner can quickly get up to speed with the most advanced students in the program by listening to the archives. Steven is proud of his books, articles and public lectures, but he has often said that his most in-depth work lies under the seal of confidentiality in the form of the thousands of hours of his recorded AP teachings. We currently offer recordings from the Calistoga AP and Blue Sky AP programs separately. Login to the private area of the site to purchase and download recordings. If you do not have a login yet and have attended a workshop already, contact Tony.

    Australia AP Retreat

    Australia AP Retreat


    The Northern California program meets in Calistoga in March and September is residential. We gather out in the forest at a rustic resort called Mountain Home Ranch. Three meals a day are provided as well as accommodations. This program is usually sold out well in advance so make sure to register early if you’re interested.

    The Southern California group meets in a church (!) in the town of Alpine about an hour outside San Diego. Shuttles are arranged from San Diego airport. A light breakfast and big lunch is provided daily. An elegant Saturday night banquet is included in the price. Other dinners and accommodations are arranged separately by the student. Most people stay at a hotel that is a fifteen minute stroll from the event location, and nearby camping is also available.

    The fee for the Calistoga group is higher since it includes all meals and accommodations. Students in Alpine pay a smaller fee but also arrange for their accommodations separately.

    The Australian program meets at an elegant resort. Students pay a flat fee for the program, get a discount on their accommodations, and pay for their own meals.

    Is This Group Too Advanced for Me?

    People often worry about joining a group that may have gotten too advanced for them. That is a reasonable concern, but the reality is that it works out fine to start attending wherever you are in your studies. We only ask a new student to be conversant with the astrological basics before registering (planets, signs and houses) by completing Steven’s Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology online workshop. We also ask that first-time students read THE INNER SKY before attending, which sets the foundation for further study. Once you’re in the program, you’ll find that the other students are really supportive, and will help you get up to speed in no time.

    If you have a good grasp of the archetypes and you’re ready to start learning transits, get The Changing Sky. To begin working with the "chart behind the chart," read Yesterday’s Sky, which will teach you how to start working with "the chart behind the chart," providing you with the skills to give a fully evolutionary astrology reading. Additionally, you’ll find a great resource in our online audio download store, which is packed with Steven’s lectures on many specialized topics.