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    About the Program

    Forrest Astrology offers training and certification for astrology students and practitioners seeking mastery in Steven Forrest’s time-tested methods. Our Astrologer Apprenticeship Program (AP) certification provides students with a structured path towards becoming proficient in this kind of astrology in preparation for building a professional astrology practice.

    Our program also serves those who, rather than being professionally motivated, are seeking to use astrology as a tool for personal growth, to work with the charts of friends and family, or simply to immerse themselves into the study of astrology within a supportive community of likeminded individuals.

    We offer several levels of certification tailored to suit your needs. All levels except Apprentice Astrologer require attendance at live workshop events. Steven feels that direct contact is crucial for the deepest transmission of this material. However, we know that not all students will have the opportunity to attend a live event, so many distance-learning options are available through our website.

    You are in control of how deeply or how quickly you assimilate the program material. There is no time limit for completing each level of certification. You can study at a pace that feels comfortable.

    Northern California Astrology Retreat

    Northern California AP Retreat

    About the Community

    This predominantly self-directed program is stimulating and at times, challenging. But you will find a very supportive community to help you along the way. You’ll be joining a tribe of like-minded astrology lovers who – we are very proud to say – are a heart-centered and welcoming family. New students in the program often make lifelong friends, and our private Facebook group helps students stay in touch after the program events. Some students also facilitate local study groups.

    The social side of the program is intrinsically rewarding, but it also plays an essential role in the educational process.  Rather than focusing on the charts of celebrities, in the AP we work mostly with the charts of class members.  Voluntarily, people share their own stories and experiences.  We learn from each other in the intimate way that friends learn from each other.  Compared to studying the charts of historical figures or pop stars, this approach much more closely approximates the “real world” of true astrological counsel.

    Our community is diverse. You’ll find people from all walks of life – multigenerational, multiracial, gay, straight, introverts, and extroverts. We embrace all religions and respect all political points of view. New astrologers find support from seasoned veterans in the group, and we hear time and again how welcoming the environment is.

    Over 1000 students have attended these programs since their inception in June of 1998. And many of our original students still study with us, not just for the teaching, but also for the strong sense of community.

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