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Planetary Cycles of the Biopsychic Script

Venus CycleThe biopsychic script refers to astrological events that are marked by key moments in our evolutionary development which we all share and have culturally identified, such as midlife, or retirement. Below is a list of the key cycles we can track, including the cycle length and planet involved. Spend some time looking at these dates in your own birth chart, and notice what you discover!


Cycle Length: 7.997 years. Notes: In only two days, eight hours short of exactly eight years, Venus completes its pentangle and returns to Inferior Conjunction with the Sun at a point two or three degrees earlier in the zodiac than it was when the cycle began. Count eight year intervals forward two ways: from the date of birth and from the date of the previous Inferior Conjunction. They often coincide closely with intimate relational turning points.


Cycle Length: 11.88 years. Notes: (Check for exact dates.) Jupiter returns occur just before the following birthdays: 12th, 24th 36th, 48th 60th and just after the 7 1St, 83rd and 95th.


Cycle Length: 18.5997 years. Notes: The nodal axis returns to its original position at about ages L8 37. 55, 74, and 95.


Cycle Length: 19 years. Notes: 235 synodic months = 254 sidereal months 19 years, accurate within less than eighteen hours. Thus these solar and lunar rhythms return to their natal starting points within days of the 19th, 38’’, 57th 76’, and 95th birthdays.


Cycle Length: 27.3 years. Notes: A progressed lunar return occurs at age 27, age 54, and just short of age 82..


Cycle Length: 29.42 years. Notes: (Check for exact dates.) Saturn returns occur at age 29, age 59, and age 88.


Cycle Length: 50.42 years. Notes: We experience a Chiron return at age 50 and at about age 101.


Cycle Length: 83.75 years. Notes: Check for exact dates for waxing Uranian square (average age 21), Uranian opposition (average age 42), waning Uranian square (average age 63). The Uranian return occurs just before the 84th birthday.


Cycle Length: 163.72 years. Notes: (Check for exact dates.) Neptune square Neptune oscillates between approximately ages 39 and 42. The Neptune opposition occurs in the early eighties.


Cycle Length: 248.6 years. Notes: (Check for exact dates.) Pluto square Pluto oscillates between the late thirties and about age 90, marking one of the most distinct psychological differences among generations.

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