Yesterday's Sky French Translation

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Yesterday's Sky French Translation

A delightful French woman named Claire Heurté Rauwel has offered our Francophone readers a generous gift. She has translated the opening two chapters of YESTERDAY'S SKY into French. If you are French speaker, please enjoy them -- and if you are a French publisher, Claire would be delighted to work with you on the rest of the book.

Claire's background is fascinating. She has translated the Tibetan language into both English and French for some very powerful Lamas, including Ven Gangchen Rinpoche and Ven Tralek Rinpoche. Our shared interest in the interface of astrology and Buddhism is what brought us together on the Internet. I somewhat nervously sent her a copy of Yesterday's Sky,  hoping that it would pass muster with such a fine dharma-scholar - and of course fearing that it wouldn't! She wrote back to me with this generous endorsement. "I have reached the end of Yesterday's Sky and I was very moved by the compassionate, loving motivation underlying the whole book. This is a landmark, a master book, a bodhisattva work. I bow to Steven Forrest's realization of the paramita of knowlege of the stars, and feel so lucky that he has offered us this precious result of so many years of work and experience." I felt enormously encouraged to get such a glowing seal of approval for the underlying principles of the kind of astrology I teach from someone so immersed in the living world of Tibetan Buddhism.

Read Chapter 1 of Yesterday's Sky in French: Chapitre 1

Read Chapter 2 of Yesterday's Sky in French: Chapitre 2


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