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Book of Neptune

The Book of Neptune
by Steven Forrest

Reviewed by Damian Rocks

One of the great pleasures to be had in reading an astrological book is discovering how other astrologers work. Peering “through the office door”, if you like, via the case studies of a practicing astrologer is a fascinating way to explore our craft. Stephen Forrest’s latest work on Neptune offers just that - the chance to see how a master astrologer brings together complex psycho-emotional themes in the context of real people and the “stuff” that happens in their lives. The Book of Neptune is a broad-reaching, deeply engaging study of not only the archetypal themes which Neptune represents but also the practice of astrology itself. The text is full of useful insights for both student and practitioner alike, offering practical food for thought. Taking this journey with Forrest to the outer reaches of our solar system proves both enlightening and educational.

The Book of PlutoSteven Forrest tackles this planet of intensity with his wit, wisdom, and compassion. He interprets Pluto through the house, sign, and aspect (both in natal charts and current positions) with great sensitivity, incredible honesty, and his wonderfully literate style. Steven covers people's "navigational errors" and wounding scenarios with Pluto. We descend into hell and get a glimpse of heaven in this book. He discusses both darkness and shadow as well as inspiration and saving grace. Case examples (including Joan of Arc and Eric Clapton) round out this comprehensive survey of Pluto. Written for the general audience, this easily understood book also offers a rich tapestry of insights for the professional.

"The Book of Pluto is, above all, a courageous endeavor...This is a subject area that many people would prefer to sweep under the carpet...Without sounding preachy or self-righteous, Forrest has brought a moral compass to astrology. His spiritual messages permeate the detailed descriptions of Pluto, making him not only a premier astrologer, but also a wise man."
-- Chris Lorenz, Dell's HOROSCOPE

"This book is scary as Chernobyl and as utterly beautiful as a summer night sky..." -- Michael Lutin, astro-columnist for American Airlines

by Steven Forrest

Skymates IINo single category of human experience is more central to our evolutionary journey on this earth than our deepest relationships. Half of the help that astrology can offer us there lies in understanding the Composite Chart. That’s where we penetrate the mystery of that all-important element of “what-we-are-together.”

The Composite is about the spiritual care-and-feeding of Us as a unit, as distinct from you and me as individuals. When Jodie and I wrote the original “Skymates” for Bantam Books, it was a single volume that attempted to explore all of the elements of synastry in general. Space requirements compelled us to treat the Composite Chart rather briefly in that volume. We knew it deserved a lot more attention than we gave it. That’s why we later re-wrote the entire book in two longer volumes.

Skymates I deals with classical synastry, while Skymates II is purely about the Composite Chart. It contains all the theory you will ever need to become skillful at reading this kind of chart. For your “training wheels,” it also has a very extensive “cookbook” section so you can look up the meanings according to the configurations in the chart.

Another blessing in the new version of Skymates II is that we were not constrained by any commercial pressure to go lightly on the deeper, more evolutionary perspectives. What is the couple’s past life history, and what has brought them together again today? We are excited to see this book available again, both in print and in e-book form. For any counseling astrologer, it is a critical link in the chain.

Yesterday’s Sky ISBN 978-0979067730 | $24.95
Get the Kindle Edition | Nook Edition | Kobo Edition | Print Edition

“Over the past two or three years, many astrology books have been published about the relevance of the Lunar Nodes, but here we have the master of this technique as he presents the philosophical framework, the cookbook reference sections, and the clear interpretive methodology . . . Mastering the material in Yesterday’s Sky will make anyone a better astrologer.” - Dell HOROSCOPE read full review

"This beautifully crafted book has so many gifts in it that it would require many more pages to list them all. The main one in my opinion is an innate respect for each and every soul that is evident in all pages of the book, through a style of writing that is compassionate yet concise. This book is intellectually stimulating, spiritually uplifting and emotionally nurturing. I recommend it for astrologers and non-astrologers alike, at all levles of their studies. This is a truly special book." - Margaret Gray, ISAR Journal

Yesterday’s Sky is written in Steven’s easy-to-read style. Readers of his other SKY books will be familiar with his warm, gentle approach to writing but, as always, will walk away touched by his depth and wisdom.”

“This book is an amazingly wonderful book on karmic astrology. Eye opening and enthralling, even the traditional “cookbook” parts. I had so many moments of true realization. When I read what my South Node in Gemini Squared Jupiter means karmically...I cannot tell you how profound that was. An issue I have been struggling with and one that has had me puzzled for years was made crystal clear.” –Kathy Dannel Vitcak, Amazon Vine

Yesterday’s Sky ISBN 978-0979067730 | $24.95
Get the Kindle Edition | Nook Edition | Kobo Edition

Review by Dell Horoscope from September 2009 issue reprinted with permission

When most astrologers look at Adolph Hitler's chart, they're often surprised by the abundance of pleasantness. Charming Libra is on the Ascendant, while his Taurus Sun is in the seventh house of "others." A benevolent Moon-Jupiter conjunction might make one think that this was a good guy rather than the standard metaphor for evil incarnate. Astrologers then point to Saturn in Leo in the tenth house and square a Venus-Mars conjunction as the signature for his tyrannical side. But, as Steven Forrest points out, Charlie Chaplin had the same configuration, and Merv Griffin had a similar one.

This example is taken from Steven Forrest's latest book, Yesterday's Sky, and, as he explains further, using the techniques of evolutionary astrology quickly gets to the root of Hitler's despotism. Because Hitler's Moon-Jupiter conjunction is also conjunct the Moon's South Node, the astrologer should interpret the more negative side of this combination. It represents a problem area, a preexisting pattern of self-defeating behavior that is seeking a higher path, as represented by the North Node.

The Ascendant "In our culture, appearances can make or break us. Jodie Forrest gives new meaning to the Ascendant with this wonderfully revealing book in a very informative and insightful way."
—KT, The Astrologer (formerly known as KELLI FOX), publisher www.TheAstrologer.com

"Jodie Forrest does something rare here. With persuasion and elegance, she peels back layers of static description and reveals the dynamic role of the Ascendant with its mysterious me /not me quality. She takes us through style, persona, rulership and aspects, all the while maintaining the sense of how things shift over time, showing us the multiple paths offered by each rising sign, and how they move us into the great adventure we call life."
—Lynn Bell, author, Cycles of Light and Planetary Threads

"Takes the lid off the Ascendant to reveal multiple layers of meaning for this vital yet underexplored part of the birth chart. With wide-ranging insights and exercises, drawing on astrology, psychology and the arts, this powerful book will spark innumerable discoveries for beginners and seasoned pros."

The Inner SkyThe Inner Sky by Steven Forrest
ISBN 978-0979067716 | $18.95
Get the Kindle Edition | Nook Edition | Kobo Edition | Print Edition

"Steve's book manages to disarm the skeptic, as well as debunk the charlatanism that surrounds popular astrology, with language that is as intelligent and cogent as it is poetic." -- Sting

A blueprint for using astrology to uncover YOUR "inner sky"-- the endless universe of potential within you! Learn to make the most of your opportunities and face your challenges creatively, for a brighter, more fulfilling future!

"No matter what you think of astrology, if you appreciate humor, insight, poetry and astute, articulate observations of human nature, you will appreciate Steven Forrest's fascinating book."
-- Callie Khouri, screenwriter, Thelma and Louise; Something to Talk About; Nashville

SkymatesSKYMATES by Steven Forrest and Jodie Forrest
Reviewed by Jan Angel, AstrologyOnline.Info

How do you pick the very best material to begin your study of astrology? What approach can genuinely be the most helpful to yourself and others?

You are fortunate indeed if SKYMATES becomes one of your first ragged, dog-eared, and beloved astrology books. Jodie and Steven Forrest bring their gifts of wit and wisdom succinctly to the study of relationship astrology. Experienced astrologers will also discover SKYMATES ignites a fresh and openhearted inquisitiveness about their own approach to chart comparison. The Forrests initially discuss how astrology can enhance the quality of mutual understanding in relationships.

'The gift astrology offers is simply one of clear seeing. It serves as a wise third party, mirroring each lover's viewpoint, needs and nature with neutrality and evolutionary insight. Used sensitively, it does not pontificate and judge. That's not how conscious, evolutionary astrology operates.'


“As intelligent and cogent as it is poetic.”—Sting

"Properly practiced, astrology attempts to address the apparent consonance or dissonance between our lives here and the sky. Jodie and Steven Forrest bring us into that space, and into the spaces between us, with grace, humour and informed awareness. In this book, astrology is the portal through which you will examine relationships in a manner worthy of any of the world's wisdom traditions. We should also describe the book this way: "Astrology---Not Just for Astrologers Anymore."--Scott Ainslie, Musician (CDs: Jealous of the Moon; Terraplane) and Author of "Robert Johnson/At The Crossroads"

"Like all of the Forrests' work, Skymates is rich with wisdom and humor. Their well-documented research is deftly folded into lyrical parables that reveal the mysteries of relationships and offer equipment for living.--Linda Belans, host of the medical ethics radio show "Do No Harm," http://donoharm.duke.edu.

"Steven and Jodie take astrology to a whole new level by returning it to its original intent; to offer us an outline for our evolutionary paths so we can discover our own meaning in life. Their work infuses you with wit, wisdom, and humor along the way...and with a wealth of information found nowhere else."--Keith Cleversley, Record Producer; Flaming Lips, Sound of Urchin, Moses Leroy, Hum.

Under One Sky Step behind the scenes of an astrology reading in this completely unique anthology of astrologers. Watch twelve experts representing twelve different astrological traditions interpret the same natal chart, blind! Each astrologer was provided only with the birth data of the woman whose birthchart they analyzed. Details about her life were given to the astrologer only after they completed their interpretation.

This book captures all twelve readings. Get a rare glimpse at how each system can work. You'll see how each astrologer applies his or her real-world techniques, just as they would with a live client. To deepen your understanding, each astrologer explains their underlying interpretive strategies, and answers the same ten pressing questions about their work.

How accurate are the readings? After it was all over, the mystery woman, Joyce, submitted her autobiography, so you can be the judge.

With interpretations by:

Measuring the NightMEASURING THE NIGHT:
Evolutionary Astrology and the Keys to the Soul, Volume I
by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green
(currently out of print)

Foreword by Kelli Fox, co-founder of www.astrology.net * Edited by Jodie Forrest

Your birthchart is also a tool for your evolution... Groundbreaking new book based on a series of evolutionary astrologyworkshops by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green. Seven Paws Press and Martina Green's Daemon Press are the co-publishers. Astrology, reincarnation, psychology and how to use your birthchart for your own growth...it's all here, in a warm and personal lecture format from two best-selling counseling astrologers with very full client loads. Suitable for the beginner as well as advanced or professional astrologers. Steven and Jeffrey team up to analyze the birthchart of one of the workshop participants, just as they would analyze that of a client.  400 total pages. Trade paperback, $19.95.  ISBN 0-9649113-3-7.


"The best historical fantasy I've ever read. Forrest writes lyrically, descriptively and with a sword's deft touch. Her characters--be they Vikings, Elf Queens or ancient rulers--are eminently believable."
-- Poppy Z. Brite, author of Lost Souls; Drawing Blood; and Exquisite Corpse

"Her writing is rich, lyrical, intricate; her books are a treasure."
-- R.A. MacAvoy, author of The Book of Kells; Tea with the Black Dragon, The Grey Horse, and the Damiano trilogy

"Open this book at your peril, for it will sweep you into Elfland. More than good historical fantasy, it is an insight-laden shipful of magic. The mythic material goes beyond a scholar's recontruction to the dreaming lands where terrible and dangerous myths walk beneath the sunless Elfin skies. The power flows, strong and undiluted; the shadow only serves to accentuate the light."
-- Erin Lale, for Berserkrgangr

the first volume of Nordic-Celtic historical fantasy trilogy by Jodie Forrest

copyright 1992 Jodie Forrest. All rights reserved. FRONTISPIECE

Tomas would sometimes consider, in later years, whether there were any chance that his Fate might have been different. Yet only upon occasions of the greatest rarity would he so wonder, when gripped by a black and somber mood, perhaps, or perhaps when drifting through the gates that link wakefulness to sleep--or Elfland to other realms. For Tomas had grown to understand, far better than most mortals, that to questions about Fate there are no true answers. There are only, sometimes, reasons.


In the kingdom of Vestfold, in what would become southern Norway, early in the month of sowing-tide, 871 A.D., Christian reckoning.

The Elves ProphecyCritical Acclaim for The Elves' Prophecy: The Book of Being
by Jodie Forrest

"Takes us yet deeper into the strange realm where Elfin and human worlds intersect. More than ever, Forrest's writing is infused with a dark beauty that spans centuries and transcends genre."
-- Poppy Z. Brite, author of Lost Souls, Drawing Blood, and The Crow: The Lazarus Heart

"Her writing is rich, lyrical, intricate; her books are a treasure."
-- R.A. MacAvoy, author of The Book of Kells; Tea with the Black Dragon, The Grey Horse, and the Damiano trilogy

"A historical fantasy that fires the blood.  An extraordinary look into the realms of Celtic and Norse Elves, gods and other elemental creatures.Truly high fantasy at its best!"
-- Harold Marcum, for The National Fantasy Fan

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