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The Elves Prophecy

The Elves ProphecyCritical Acclaim for The Elves' Prophecy: The Book of Being
by Jodie Forrest

"Takes us yet deeper into the strange realm where Elfin and human worlds intersect. More than ever, Forrest's writing is infused with a dark beauty that spans centuries and transcends genre."
-- Poppy Z. Brite, author of Lost Souls, Drawing Blood, and The Crow: The Lazarus Heart

"Her writing is rich, lyrical, intricate; her books are a treasure."
-- R.A. MacAvoy, author of The Book of Kells; Tea with the Black Dragon, The Grey Horse, and the Damiano trilogy

"A historical fantasy that fires the blood.  An extraordinary look into the realms of Celtic and Norse Elves, gods and other elemental creatures.Truly high fantasy at its best!"
-- Harold Marcum, for The National Fantasy Fan

"A rollicking good read, written with great passion and no small understanding of the magic of Northern Europe. Treat yourself to some real witchcraft!"
-- Ian Read, Chaos International, London

"Forrest is a master of clarity, deftly self-assured. Her writing takes us deep into a world of totally believable magic."
-- Renewal, Melbourne, Australia

"Sweeps us along with Tomas on his inner quest for mastery of his magecraft. An entrancing journey into our past. I eagerly await the conclusion of this trilogy."
-- Prudence Priest, Yggdrasil, San Francisco

"If you're intrigued with the arts magical, the land of faery, astrology or Nordic-Celtic mythology, this book is a real page turner you'll not want to put down."
-- Maria K. Sims, author of The Witch's Circle and Your Magical Child

"Even more powerful, moving and magical than Forrest's first novel. Makes one's heart long to actually encounter an Elf some day--the right one, of course."
-- Dag Rossman, Nordic storyteller, Skandisk audiocassettes Hammer and Mistletoe and The Ring of Doom

"A whole new look at 'fire and brimstone.' I'm looking forward to the third installment of the trilogy."
-- Erin Lale, Berserkrgangr

"Forrest's second novel comes to us a trance of season and wave. Where the magics of an Elf's gift call again, asking us to join the Old Gods among the pages."
--  Michael Rank, Atlantic recording artist (Clarissa); author of Feast

"An intricate tale of intrigue, initiation, passion and enchantment. A place I'd like to linger longer, like 'magic hour' on a summer's eve."
-- Meg Switzgable, Emmy and Academy award-nominated director, In Our Water


"It was with the reverence and appreciation of an addict, after two long weeks without, that I opened the package I received in today's mail.  Ahhh, at last my BOOK."

"Elves were just childhood fantasy figures to me, but ever since I read The Elves' Prophecy, I expect to see them leaping out from behind trees when I go walking in the woods. That's how real your book made them to me. I really feel that you helped me re-connect with a lost part of my heritage."

"I would say this book gets closer to fantasy perfection as established by Tolkien (although in an entirely different way) than anything I have read recently."

"My dilemma is this: I can't put it down for its incredibly absorbing qualities, yet I can't stand the thought of their being a last page."

"A land of magic and incredible possibilities!"

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