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What is Mutual Reception?

Steven Forrest explains mutual reception from an evolutionary perspective. Mutual reception occurs when two planets are in the signs of each other's rulership. For example, in the same birth chart, Saturn in Taurus is in mutual reception with Venus in Capricorn. This video includes the example of Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Libra.

A Conversation Between Astrologers

In May of 2011, Tony Howard got Steven Forrest and UK-based astrologer Mark Jones into a room to film a rare candid conversation between two astrologers. Steven and Mark start out talking about some of the technical differences between their approaches, and then the conversation naturally shifts towards more common ground, discussing the counseling dynamic in a consultation, and the popular subject of fate vs. free will.

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First Steps Reading Charts

Steven shares how to take the first steps towards analyzing a birth chart using his time-tested evolutionary astrology techniques. Steven points out how important it is to look not only at the primal triad - Sun, Moon, and Ascendant - but also at the chart-behind-the-chart which we find through the doorway of the lunar nodes. Combine the two and we learn to see a person not only from a deep psychological framework, but also a karmic one.

There is a lot of data to wrangle in the birth chart, and Steven teaches us how to sort through what's most important.

Learn more with the following introductory audio programs:

Basic Natal Astrology Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology Evolutionary Astrology in Action

Your Second Saturn Return Preview

Preview from the full-length video release Your Second Saturn Return. Everyone could use a hand during the sometimes dreaded but universally experienced Saturn Return transit. Who better than Steven Forrest to help shed some light on this important transit. This is a preview of the program specifically tailored to the Second Saturn return which happens around age 60. This program is available as a dvd, in mp4 video download or audio mp3 format.

Building Bridges in Astrology

In this interview filmed at the 2012 UAC astrology conference, Steven joins fellow astrologers ISAR President Gisele Terry and David Cochrane for a discussion about inter-astrological appreciation. For too many years astrologers have been fragmented on their isolated islands of technique, tradition, style etc. This discussion aims to show that if we drop our defenses and focus on building bridges between the various disciplines within our field, we'll actually become better astrologers with sharp critical thinking skills, which will improve the entire field.

Venus in the 12 Zodiac Signs

Preview from the full-length video Venus Through the 12 Signs. Take a journey with Steven through the houses according to Venus. This talk is great for anyone wanting to learn a little more about the sign placement of their natal Venus. Also great for students who would like an introduction to the way Venus might express through each of the 12 zodiac signs.

To learn more about Venus, order this complete talk in available in 3 different formats: DVD audio or video download.

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What Is Evolutionary Astrology?

In this video interview, Steven describes his approach to astrology and how it differs from other approaches.

To learn more about Evolutionary Astrology, check out this introductory video download in our video download store.

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