Skymates 2

by Steven Forrest

Skymates IINo single category of human experience is more central to our evolutionary journey on this earth than our deepest relationships. Half of the help that astrology can offer us there lies in understanding the Composite Chart. That’s where we penetrate the mystery of that all-important element of “what-we-are-together.”

The Composite is about the spiritual care-and-feeding of Us as a unit, as distinct from you and me as individuals. When Jodie and I wrote the original “Skymates” for Bantam Books, it was a single volume that attempted to explore all of the elements of synastry in general. Space requirements compelled us to treat the Composite Chart rather briefly in that volume. We knew it deserved a lot more attention than we gave it. That’s why we later re-wrote the entire book in two longer volumes.

Skymates I deals with classical synastry, while Skymates II is purely about the Composite Chart. It contains all the theory you will ever need to become skillful at reading this kind of chart. For your “training wheels,” it also has a very extensive “cookbook” section so you can look up the meanings according to the configurations in the chart.

Another blessing in the new version of Skymates II is that we were not constrained by any commercial pressure to go lightly on the deeper, more evolutionary perspectives. What is the couple’s past life history, and what has brought them together again today? We are excited to see this book available again, both in print and in e-book form. For any counseling astrologer, it is a critical link in the chain.

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