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Skymates: Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology, Volume One



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ISBN 978-0964911352 320 pages
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We are pleased to offer the revised and expanded edition of this astrology classic. This edition includes with lots of evolutionary "cookbook" material that will help you understand the art of working with charts in the context of relationship. You'll find specific interpretations of individual astrological configurations, such as Sun in Scorpio, or your partner's Mercury conjunct your Venus.

90% of the material in this edition is updated from the first Skymates edition.


Preface to the New Edition (scroll down to read it!)
Chapter One: Magic or Murderous Mythology?.
Chapter Two: Instant Astrology
Chapter Three: Instant Synastry
Chapter Four: Love and Individuality
Chapter Five: Love and War
Chapter Six: The Arc of Intimacy
Chapter Seven: The Arc of Intimacy—The Fourth House
Chapter Eight: The Arc of Intimacy—The Fifth House
Chapter Nine: The Arc of Intimacy—The Sixth House
Chapter Ten: The Arc of Intimacy—The Seventh House
Chapter Eleven: The Arc of Intimacy—The Eighth House
Chapter Twelve: How Birthcharts Interact
Chapter Thirteen: Interaspects
Chapter Fourteen: Your Planets, My Sky
Chapter Fifteen: Putting It All Together
Chapter Sixteen: The Fitzgeralds
Conclusion: Border Wars
Appendix One
Appendix Two: The Principles of Evolutionary Astrology

PREFACE TO THE NEW EDITION: SKYMATES: Love, Sex, and Evolutionary Astrology, Volume One

(Copyright Jodie and Steven Forrest, 2002, all rights reserved. You may quote brief passages in reviews,
if we are properly credited--thanks! send us email)

This new edition of Skymates is based on the previous edition in about the same way a Boeing 777 is based on the contraption the Wright brothers flew. Even if you have a dog-eared copy of the older book, we encourage you to open this one at random and take a look. You'll see the differences right away.

Our previous Skymates came out toward the end of the last century, in 1989, as a Bantam Books original, and the identical text was reprinted in 1992 under a new cover by ACS Publications.

Saying “toward the end of the last century” may seem precious here in the summer of 2001, but it feels right. When we wrote that book, we had been married only four or five years—whistling past the graveyard, we joked a lot about tempting the Fates by writing a book about marriage so early in our own journey together. Now we're twenty years down the road, still loving each other one day at a time. We've learned a thing or two, and we've incorporated all of that into these pages. That's one big difference.

Another difference is that we're both in bed with our publishers nowadays. Seven Paws Press is our own business. That gives us a lot of freedom to write in our own voices, independent of the pervasive pressure on astrological writers to dumb everything down. We're still stinging from a conversation with an editor who insisted that “enhanced” was too hard a word for the astrological audience. We know that you, our readers, are smarter than that. On the other hand, perhaps we should be thankful to that editor—Seven Paws Press owes a lot of its direction and intent to that exchange.

There are also many concrete differences between this new book and the previous one. The most obvious distinction is that we've added extensive “cookbook” sections. Learning to think astrologically is really the higher ground, but many readers have expressed appreciation for simply being able to look things up. If your natal Sun squares your partner's Venus, turn to Chapter Thirteen. If you are wondering about the sexual significance of Saturn being in your eighth house, try Chapter Eleven.

We've come to particularly “enhanced” understandings of the intimate meanings of two of astrology's core symbols: the fourth and sixth houses. We've added those perspectives to our previous “arc of intimacy” material—and supplemented that entire section of the book with detailed analyses of what it means to have each particular planet in houses four, five, six, seven or eight. Name the configuration: it's there.

Back in our Bantam Books days, we were discouraged from making our writing “too spiritual.” That led to a diminished focus on the evolution of consciousness, and specifically on the psychological dynamics of reincarnation. We've filled that vacuum here—although if you are uncomfortable with the idea of reincarnation, we think you will still find the book mostly accessible. Some of our assumptions are unabashedly metaphysical, but we try to speak the verifiable language of experience, and also of psychology. You can, in all cases, try on what we say and see if it works for you.

Finally, to make room for the extra content, something had to go. We decided to excise all the material about the composite chart which made up Part Four, “The Eternal Triangle,” of the original Skymates. That was a hard choice, but it was made even more pressing by the fact that we have learned enough about the composite chart over the last fourteen years to fill another book, which paved the way for Skymates, Volume Two: The Composite Chart, now available.