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The Ascendant



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by Jodie Forrest. A detailed study of the Ascendant.

ISBN 978-0979067709
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How do you face the world? Are you centered? Are you poised? How well do you handle blind dates and job interviews? Your astrological Ascendant, the sign rising in the east at your birth, is the face you wear in the world, your social self, your astrological “clothing.” It’s just as important in your birth chart as your Sun and Moon. How well do you really understand it?

Join astrologer and novelist Jodie Forrest as she examines the Ascendant through the lenses of the arts, psychology, relationships, evolutionary astrology and metaphysics. Beginners or professional astrologers will deepen their knowledge of the rising sign.

With exercises for further study, topics include:

  • Why the Ascendant may be the most overlooked and least understood member of the Primal Triad (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant).
  • What exactly is the Ascendant?
  • Several working metaphors for the Ascendant, and how to apply them when analyzing charts
  • How the Ascendant interacts with the Sun and the Moon
  • The ruler of the natal Ascendant
  • Aspects to the natal Ascendant
  • Dynamic events involving the Ascendant (transits, progressions and arcs)
  • Rectification tips for the Ascendant

Includes an extensive Ascendant “cookbook” for each rising sign.


"No matter what your approach to astrology, Jodie Forrest's The Ascendant is a brilliant body of work, worthy to become a text for seekers in the 21st century. It is rich, comprehensive, layered, textured, and thus suitable for every level of astrological study. From the first page to the last, what beams through the entire book is its freshness and crystal clarity. You just can't beat information born out of love and experience. Read it and see for yourself."
—Michael Lutin, Vanity Fair astrologer, author Sunshines: The Astrology of Being Happy.

Watch a video clip of Jodie discussing the ascendant.