The Changing Sky

The Changing Sky

Transits, Progressions and Evolutionary Astrology with Steven Forrest.

ISBN 978-0-9790677-2-3
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Explore transits and progressions in detail in this astrology classic. Learn about casting the net - Steven's approach to narrowing your focus on the most important transits to discuss and think about at one time. You'll learn which transits pack the biggest punch, and how to sort through the massive amount of information in a transit chart in a way that is easy to understand. Discover the biggest mistakes most astrologers make when doing a transit reading and learn how to avoid them.


  • The potentials each outer planet represents in terms of their ability to function as "Teachers or Tricksters"
  • Descriptions for the inner planets as triggers for events
  • The 12 houses in a forecasting context; the tasks each house represents
  • The meaning of transits by planet
  • How to use progressions
  • Descriptions for each of the progressed planets
  • The progressed Moon through the houses and signs
  • The progressed planets in aspect to each of the natal planets
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