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HeliacalRising’s "Starlight" Natal Fixed Star report. Find out which fixed stars are central to your birth chart.
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Emailed customized astrology report about the fixed star positions at the time of your birth. Report written by Bernadette Brady.

To the ancients, those naked-eye astrologers and astronomers, the planets wandered through the zodiac (the ecliptic), but the stars seemed fixed in place relative to the zodiac. The fixed stars do actually move, but so slowly that a naked-eye observer would have to be hundreds of years old to notice their motion.

On the day you were born, you not only gained the wisdom and guidance of your birthchart, you also gained the myths and meanings of a sky full of stars. Not all the stars, just those that formed links to your birthchart's angles or planets. By considering the significance of those stars, you will encounter a whole new (although very old) layer of meaning in your birthchart, because the fixed stars have a rich historical and mythological background.

The fixed stars that form a circle around the north or south pole never rise or set; they are always visible at night. To the ancients, these circumpolar stars were the lofty Immortals, the deities who never died, the stars that never set. Other stars rise or set with the Sun on particular calendar dates during the course of the year. These rising and setting stars were the deities who moved between the world of humans and the Underworld, the place where the stars journeyed when they disappeared from view. These rising and setting stars were more approachable than the circumpolar stars; they could be communed with and were open to prayer. The times of the return of a star were so important that the Egyptians based their religious calendar around such events, and built temples designed to capture the returning star's light onto the altar of that deity.

This report discusses your Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars, the stars that had just returned from the Underworld with, in the report's language, a message or gift from the deities below, or the stars that had just returned to the Earth with a message or gift from the Immortals above. Moreover, other fixed stars are connected to the angles of your birthchart, to its planets, and to the different ages of your life: youth, maturity, and the later years. The "Starlight" Natal Fixed Star Report discusses these stars as well.

The "Starlight" Natal Fixed Star Report differs a great deal in tone from Steven's form of evolutionary astrology. We encourage you to read the report with an evolutionary attitude, remembering that your birthchart prescribes an optimal life path for you. You always have free will to choose how you will embody your birthchart, your soul's lesson plan. When you encounter language that feels limiting, take the opportunity to reframe it in a way that gives you the feeling of choice.

This is a unique report, steeped in the colorful mythology and history of the fixed stars.
Your personalized "Starlight" Natal Fixed Star Report is approx. 20-25 pages.

About Bernadette Brady

Bernadette Brady is the author of Predictive Astrology, the Eagle and the Lark (Weiser 1992, 1998) and Brady's Book of Fixed Stars (Weiser USA 1998). Brady is a international astrological lecturer, and co-principal of Astro Logos.