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A relationship report for a couple featuring the synastry techniques from Skymates. Learn how to best create an engaged partnership. Please enter both partners birth data and spell your birth month when entering your info below.
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Text by Steven and Jodie Forrest

Written in the spirit of the Forrest's popular synastry book, Skymates,This "Sky We Share" computer-generated astrology report offers an imaginative, choice-centered, positive and humanistic approach to the astrological analysis of your relationship. You will read about:

* your varying needs for relating, intensity, solitude, domesticity, communication, independence, stability and emotional expression
* your different tolerance for flirtatiousness and conflict
* the astrological. portrait of your "natural mate"
* what your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus, Mars and any planets in the relationship houses all reveal about your specific needs and tastes
* the impacts that your most intimacy-sensitive planets make upon one another

The report length will vary with how many planets you have in relationship-sensitive zones of your chart; the average is 35 pages or more.

GO GREEN! *This report is emailed to you and discounted from the mailed version.

Your personalized report is generated by hand and emailed within 24 hours during business hours.