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Dec. 3-4, 2016. Live webcast on transits.

December 3-4, 2016

In this live web simulcast of his weekend workshop in Borrego Springs, Steven will present the core of any astrological timing reading: transits. Working with transits involves understanding how to blend the archetypal dynamics of the changing sky with the dynamic evolving story emerging from the birth chart. As the planets change positions every day, they form new peaks and valleys, high points and low points, in an ever-changing dynamic interplay that compels us to grow and change in response. We can choose to work with this energy consciously, intentionally. Or we can stick our heads in the sand, simply reacting to whatever gets thrown our way.

With evolutionary astrology, we set our aim at the former - to consciously embody and work with the energies to take a solid part in shaping outcomes and engaging our story with free will.

Learn Steven's transit theory from the ground up.

Live Web Simulcast Logistics

This is a real-time web stream of a live workshop. Live attendance is not required. All attendees will receive a copy of the recording to keep following the presentation.

Watch live with any web browser or portable device. A direct internet connection is recommend (avoid wireless if possible).

Saturday December 3, 2016 from 9:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Time (convert to your time zone)
Sunday December 4, 2016 from 9:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Time
We will take one half-hour break each day.

Early bird discount: $95 through Nov. 30; $125 thereafter.

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