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Webinar: Neptune in Aspect



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In this webinar, Steven explores Neptune Aspects to each planet.

In celebration his newly-published The Book of Neptune, Steven will offer a webinar on Neptune’s planetary aspects. What do we think when we see gentle, mystical Neptune making a square to fierce Mars or to nut-and-bolts Saturn? (Clue: it’s not as bad as it sounds!)

Whenever “the Sea-God” leaves his fingerprints on a planet in your chart, that second planetary energy can be drafted into union with your highest spiritual aspirations—or overwhelmed by illusion and hyper-sensitivity, and dragged down into resignation and despair. How do we get it right and claim the treasure? As Steven will point out, the answer doesn’t depend on whether Neptune’s aspects are “good” or “bad,” but rather about choices you make in responding to a specific set of possibilities—possibilities, both lofty and low, as defined by that aspected planet.

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This pre-recorded webinar is available for instant download. Recorded March 19, 2016. 1 hr. 54 min.

This webinar file is an mp4 video and can be viewed from any web browser or portable device. Includes pdf of slides.

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