Astrology in Bali MP3



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Steven's original recording of Balinese bamboo flute music.

In December 2005, Steven taught in Bali for nine days with the Parisian astrologer, Lynn Bell. Evelyn Roberts' ASTROLOGY IN BALI program was an eye-opener for him. Poor Bali's economy has been so ravaged by the terrorist attacks there. The people were really suffering. The life-sustaining financial impact of a simple nine-day astrological program was palpable.

While there, Steven picked up three "sulings" - simple, traditional Balinese bamboo flutes. He'd played a Native American flute for years, and the musical translation was fairly straightforward. Upon returning to the States, he set about recording a series of
tracks: sulings, over synthesizers and a bass, all set to the sound of running water -- water flowing through the rice paddies was the basic "soundtrack" in Bali. Since sending a few gift copies of the CD to Bali, he's discovered to his delight that the CD has been widely pirated over there. No idea who's making the money, but more power to them! If you'd like a copy, move fast as our supply is limited.


Listen to a track from the recording: {mp3}balisample{/mp3}