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Neptune in Pisces with Steven Forrest. 2013. 1 hour 47 min. CD

With all the recent astrological focus on Uranus and Pluto, it is easy forget that mystical Neptune will be a major part of the mix for the next thirteen years. As the planet of dreams and visions enters the sign of its modern rulership, its impact on everyone becomes more powerful. What will Neptune’s passage through Pisces add to the current cultural mix? In this talk Steven Forrest explores the idea that the tensions of the current world situation will soon propel humanity in a new and more spiritual direction. It has worked in the past, as a brief review of this historical 165-year cycle will demonstrate. For each one of us on a conscious path, our task is to help it happen again. Includes a quick tour of Neptune through each house.

2013 | mp3 format | 1 hour 47 min.

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