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Chart reading skills workshop: Frida Khalo and Marilyn Monroe. Video stream and download.

In this recording of a live workshop held in Borrego Springs, CA in February 2015, Steven presents chart reading skills utilizing the birth charts of Frida Kahlo and Marilyn Monroe.

The intention for this workshop is to help students put together the whole astrological message into a natal and/or transit reading. In Part 1 Steven demonstrates the integrative analysis of the natal chart through the life of the dramatic, brilliant Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

In Part 2 we explore of transits and progressions via some colorful and heartbreaking moments in the life of movie screen goddess Marilyn Monroe.

Recommended (but not required) pre-requisites: Read The Inner Sky and watch Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology.

6 hrs. 35 min. Video streaming and download format. Includes handouts and as an added bonus: access to the audio-only version of the workshop.

Also available in audio-only format.

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