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Introduction to birth chart rectification. mp3 audio.

Learn the art of chart rectification in this introductory lecture with Steven Forrest. Every astrologer comes across clients who have no way of finding out their exact birth time. This is where rectification comes in.

In a nutshell, what you are doing in rectification is working backwards through astrology's predictive techniques. Normally, we have an accurate birth time and we use transits, progressions, and solar arcs to predict the timing of events or developments in a person's life. In rectification, we do it the other way around: we use the timing of events that have already happened to work backwards to the time of birth—in other words, we come up with a chart that would have predicted the timing of major developments in the client's life, developments which have already occurred and whose times are known.

In this practical and technical lecture, you'll learn Steven's favorite rectification techniques. You'll learn work with a list of 10 important events from the person's life. You'll learn about the power of the fourth harmonic aspects—the conjunction, square, and opposition. And you'll learn how a planet can effectively hide an angle, throwing you off track.

1 hr. 18 min. | audio mp3 | Includes pdf handout

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