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In depth study of Uranus with Steven Forrest. 4.5 hours. MP3 DOWNLOAD.

Since its discovery in 1781, Uranus has upset the astrological applecart. Actually
visible -- barely -- to the unaided eye, it represents a dimension of the human psyche to which we can “barely” respond, at least in a positive way. Outwardly, it correlates with the unexpected, the shocking, and the zany. More deeply, it  resonates with the process of individuation. In this intensive, we’ll explore the role the planet plays in the natal chart  and by transit through the Houses. Finally, with Uranus currently passing through the last sign of the Zodiac, it’s time to look back on the whole cycle. Since 1927, Uranus has swept through the Ecliptic, seeding the human population with
geniuses, rebels, paradigm-shifters, and merry trouble-makers who have kept the cultural pot stirred. Let’s celebrate them all, from the Elders down to the newborns. With Steven Forrest. 4 hours 15 min. mp3 audio download. Includes 2 pdf handouts.

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