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Audio recording of Mars webinar includes Natal and Transiting Mars.

Will you be the hunter or will you be the prey? Some of us might ask whether there is a third choice, say “a vegetarian course?” But sometimes there is no such choice. Sometimes we are faced with the need to defend our boundaries — or to defend the well-being of those who count on us. Can we walk away from the battle? Sometimes that is the right answer and sometimes not.

When are we using too much force, perhaps becoming drunk on the poisonous emotion of anger? When are we using not enough force — and thus attracting tyrants and oppressors into our lives, colluding with them? When the stakes are high, how can we win without it taking a huge bite out of our souls?

In this Mars intensive, Steven explores the eternal dynamic between our natural assertiveness and our human tendency toward self-victimization. We will focus on “Mars times” in our journey, times when our natal Mars is stimulated or when Mars transits, progresses or solar-arcs into the spotlight. Our aim will be to find the balance point between higher wisdom and some of the harder moments we face in the jungles of the human world.

Featuring the chart example of Edward Snowden, with Mars in the first house, out of bounds, conjunct the north node of the Moon.

Pre-recorded webinar (audio only - get video version here) | 2 hrs. mp3 audio download | Includes pdf slideshow

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