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Introductory Moon workshop. 4 hrs 40min.

Taking care of the Moon in ourselves is the secret of happiness, but unraveling its messages requires that we learn its mysterious, non-linear, translogical language. "Being in touch with our feelings" is only part of it. To follow the Moon down into our hearts is a journey into another reality, the interior psychic world, where our souls collide with ghosts from our past, and the whole story unfolds against a shifting backdrop of epochal changes in our cultural relationship to what we foolishly used to call "the Feminine."

Join Steven for a practical, in-depth look at the Moon in the context of counseling, evolutionary astrology. Steven explains the core meanings of the Moon in the natal chart including clan and the moon as healer as well as an introduction to working with the Progressed Moon. Includes examples with Moon-Pluto in the third, some sign placements, progressed Moon to Mars and Saturn, and also the Moon Through the 12 Houses handout.

Note: This is an introduction to the Moon. Does not include lunar phases. This talk is recommended before listening to the Moon Workshop.

complete workshop | mp3 audio | 4 hrs 40min. | includes handouts

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