Quincunx Aspect

The Quincunx and the Quintile



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Steven describes the often overlooked Quincunx and Quintile aspects. 88 min.

Steven looks at the Quincunx and Quintile aspects. Often overlooked in favor of the "major"aspects, these two aspects are well worth looking into, as you will see.

The prefix “quin” implies the number five. And strange, widdershins things start happening when you divide astrology’s comfortable base-twelve system into five parts. And although there are some parallels between the mighty Quincunx aspect of 150° and the subtle, creative weirdness of the Quintile, which is one-fifth of the circle, or 72°, it is important to differentiate between them and not be fooled by their similar pronunciations. They operate very differently and correlate with distinct integrative processes in the human psyche. Steven explores some of those correlations here.

88 min. | mp3 audio download | includes pdf handout

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