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Save 10% on this package deal which includes ALL of the houses talks.

This mp3 package set includes all of our lectures on the houses: Ascendant in Two Octaves, The Ascendant, The Second House: Beyond Your Bank Account, The Third House: The Heresy of Perception, The Fourth House, Creativity and the Fifth House, Fifth House Love Affairs, Crisis in Confidence: The Sixth House Revisited, Lineage: The Hidden Magic of the Sixth House, The Seventh House: That Elusive Other, Sexual Logic of the Eighth House, The Quest Motif in the Ninth House, What Do You Do: Career Symbolism in the Birthchart, The 10th House: Profession in the Birth Chart, Goals and Aspirations: The Eleventh House Revisited, Enlightenment and the Cosmic Blues: Twelfth House Symbolism; and Mother-Father: The Shifting Astrological Truth.

Includes 17 MP3 audio downloads; each talk is between 75 and 90 min.

Note: Your previous purchases of the talks in this set may be applied to the purchase of the package set (no other discounts may be applied). Email Tony for details.