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Turning 30? Learn what you need to do to master your First Saturn Return. Includes description of Saturn by its house placement in your birthchart. 2013, mp3, 40 min.

So you're turning 30? It's time for your first Saturn Return. Many dread this important astrological milepost. But why? In this mp3 audio download, Steven Forrest explains why people fear the Saturn Return, and more importantly, why they don't have to! Based on the house position of Saturn in your birth chart, Steven will tell you the important steps you need to take right now to make the most of this time. The Saturn Return is a milestone, a kind of right of passage into adulthood. There are ways to get it right, but there are also ways to totally mess it up.

Steven gives you descriptions for all 12 house placements for Saturn at the time of birth, so you can find out what's really in store for you. No two Saturn Returns are alike, and your Saturn house placement will shed light on the particular issues you need to focus on. Find out which house Saturn occupies in your own birth chart before listening to get the most out of the program. If you don't know, you can run your chart for free on or email us and we'll look it up for you.

2013, mp4 video download, 40 min.

Also available as DVD or video download.

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