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Intensive workshop based on The Book of the Moon. 14 hrs. 45 min.

In this intensive workshop based on The Book of the Moon, you'll learn about the often overlooked dimensions of the moon, including the lunar phases, the progressed moon, and the moon at high declination, or out of bounds.

Steven begins with a general description of the moon's associations, including a an extended discussion of the moon's association with the divine feminine (3 hrs.). From there he breaks down the lunar phases by starting with descriptions of the four quadrants, and then each of the 8 lunar phases (4 hrs.). Next you'll spend time understanding the progressed moon (3 hrs), the out of bounds moon and the progressed moon out of bounds phase.

Finally, you'll get the rare opportunity to hear Steven working directly with the charts and questions from 2 workshop attendees. This includes some time looking at the Moon in Pisces, and the Moon opposite Saturn.

Note: Does not include sign and house placements. For an intro to the Moon, try the Moon Intensive.

mp3 format | 14 hrs. 45 min. | includes charts and handouts

About this Release: The Out of Bounds Moon segment of this workshop was previously released. All other material is new. If you have purchased the Out of Bounds Moon, email Tony for a coupon to apply $15 off the cost of this purchase.

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