When Nothing Works But The Nodes

When Nothing Works But the Nodes MP3



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Steven shows how the lunar nodes can provide the missing link in a reading. 75 min. MP3

Sometimes a straight reading of the natal chart falls short. Often a look at the nodes from a reincarnational perspective holds the key to deeper understanding. A look at the nodes provides one with a sort of "chart within the chart." Like extreme experiences in childhood, that inner chart, which represents past-life experience, impacts our current lives in powerful ways. Sometimes, the prior-life story is so utterly different from the present nature of the individual that only through understanding it can we accurately foresee the issues and evolutionary dynamics of the present life. Under those circumstances, the Nodes of the Moon provide a missing link in the interpretive chain--and can save an astrologer from catastrophic errors in chart analysis. NORWAC 2003. 75 min.

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