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Discover what the planets have to say about your current home or vacation destination!
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Based on the work of Jim Lewis, this personalized report analyzes the planetary influences of a specific location you've chosen, whether it be for a vacation or a permanent move.

Here's how it works: You choose the location you'd like to analyze, and submit it with your birth time below. We'll run the report for you based on your personal info, print it and mail it to you. Your report is 7-15 pages depending on how many planets are active for you in the city you’ve chosen.

Want to get an idea of what to expect? Take a look at this Sample ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY location map for a woman whose Mercury line runs right through Vancouver. With such a strong Mercury line, her experiences in Vancouver will be colored by the influence of the messenger planet. If she's a writer or communicator, she will likely benefit by the presence of Mercury in Vancouver.

An AstroCartoGraphy report can help you figure out which planetary influences are strongest where you live, work, or travel to.

Here's a sample report for Serena Williams with the location set for Paris, France (the site of the French Open): Sample Astro*Carto*Graphy report

Please note: The language in the report diverges from Steven Forrest's style of evolutionary astrology . While the Astro*Carto*Graphy report refers to “the possible negative” planetary influences, please bear in mind that we always have choices about how to respond to the planetary energies. And remember -- every location is good for something!

GO GREEN! Want to save $, paper and postage and get your report within 24 hours? Choose the emailed version instead.

When entering your birth data, please do not adjust the birthtime for daylight or war time if you think it was in effect.

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