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Transits & progressions analysis, printed and mailed.
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This printed and mailed SkyLog report covers 12 months from the report start date.

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Laser-printed, spiral-bound. Reports cannot be faxed.

Steven and Matrix Software wrote a more sophisticated report dealing with astrological "current events"--transits and progressions. "SkyLog" is based on Steven's book, The Changing Sky. Booklets vary in length, depending on how many astrological configurations affect someone at a given time, and focus on freedom, choice, and personal responsibility. Reports are divided into 3 sections: "The Invitation," describing a specific time period's developmental challenges and potentials; "The Means," covering the changing tactics and strategies appropriate during that time; and "The Details," a day-by-day analysis of the ever-shifting astrological weather. Read a sample "SkyLog."

Please do not adjust the birthtime for daylight or war time if you think it was in effect.

"My clients love 'The Sky Within,' and I'm very excited about adding 'SkyLog' to my chart service. Forrest's creative spiritual approach generates great warmth--without a hint of technical 'astrologicalese'--and his sensitivity and personal writing style build a meaningful bridge between astrology and humanity, making these reports especially ideal for astrological 'newborns' of all ages."
--Samuel Heaton, Astrologer and Proprietor, Cheshire Rose Books, Fair Oaks Village, CA