Constructing The Nodal Story

Jodie Forrest: Constructing the Nodal Story



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Join Jodie Forrest for an intensive workshop on the Moon’s Nodes. MP3 Download. 10 hours 50 min.

Jodie Forrest teaches how to apply the techniques of both astrology *and* fiction writing to the construction of stories that illustrate your clients' karmic journeys as reflected in their birthcharts. Jodie's students request this teaching in their one-on-one work with her more than any other type of lesson, so she crafted a two day intensive workshop covering this material in depth. Learn about:

    * the nodal story as "therapeutic metaphor"
    * how to present or pitch the nodal story to clients
    * when within a reading to tell the nodal story
    * how to turn nodal stories into fairy tales, fables and heroes' journeys
    * storytelling basics: character, setting and plot
    * a step-by-step outline of how to draft the nodal story
      starting from first base, the sign of the south node
    * specific archetypes, images, characters and settings
      for each sign, planet and house
    * how to add plot twists based on aspects to the nodes
    * tips for when you're stuck or confused
    * the use of myth, folklore and history in the construction of nodal stories
10 hours 50 min.

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