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The Planets Package

The Planets Package MP3

Selected mp3 downloads covering every planet. 14 programs. mp3 format. 25 hours. Save 20%.

Selected mp3 downloads covering every planet.

Includes the following lectures and workshops with Steven Forrest: The Moon Workshop, Getting to Know Mercury, Mercury through the 12 Signs, Working Consciously with Mercury, Venus through the 12 Signs, Mars: Hunter or Prey?, Mars: Finding the Spiritual Warrior, Jupiter: How Have You Been Underestimating Yourself?, Saturn: Staying in Touch with the Tough Old Bird, Saturn in Scorpio, Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, Neptune Transiting the 12 Houses, Pluto-Uranus-Saturn: The Giants Sing Harmony, Pluto: The Wound & the Healing, The Uranus Intensive, Uranus in the 12 Signs, Transiting Uranus in Pisces, Uranus Meets Neptune, Uranus in Aquarius.

Also includes the following talks by Jodie Forrest: Odin as Mercury, Venus Returns, Freya as Venus, Uranus and Vesta, Neptune: Where Two Worlds Touch, and Venus Returns.

25 programs. mp3 audio downloads. 55 hours. Save over 20% off the regular price.

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