Living Evolutionary Astrology

Living Evolutionary Astrology

Learn the fundamentals of Steven's past life techniques through the chart of Louis Armstrong. Recorded at UAC 2012. 1 hour 15min.

Like an invisible magnetic field behind the surface of the birthchart lie hints about distorting influences left unresolved from prior lifetimes. Adding this second layer of understanding to our psychological analysis of the present life corrects our astrological vision to 20/20 -- and often saves us from grievous interpretive errors. The core techniques of evolutionary astrology are fairly simple. They enhance rather than replace what we already know. In this class, we introduce these techniques in the living context of the rectified natal chart of jazz great Louis Armstrong. Listeners will come away with a knowledge of the rudiments of an entirely new method of analysis.

audio recording from UAC 2012 | 1 hour 15min. | Includes rectified chart

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