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Learn the art of counseling the client. You'll learn how to build rapport. Includes Sun, Moon and Ascendant through the 12 signs. 9 hours. mp3 format.

Learn the art of counseling the client in an astrology reading. In this talk you'll learn how to build rapport and connect with the client by using their birth chart to understand their core values and motivations. Includes detailed descriptions of Sun, Moon and Ascendant in each of the 12 signs.

A psychotherapist typically builds a relationship naturally and gradually through conversations with a client. Not so the poor astrologer, who needs to go from “pleased to meet you” to profoundly serious - and often psychologically scary - material in the first fifteen minutes!

How can we make our way into a trusting relationship with our clients quickly enough to fit the unique realities of astrological counseling? The map to establishing trust with the first-time client actually lies in the birthchart. To put it simply, we approach a Cancer differently than we approach an Aquarian. In this presentation, Steven introduces a detailed, chart-specific, and effective method for navigating the emotional and interpersonal dimensions of the astrological counseling session.

Learn how to reach the astrological “end-user” by concentrating on the ways that astrological counsel is fundamentally distinct from conventional psychotherapy. Learn how to strategically plan an astrological consultation - rendering the consultation orderly and elegant by deciding in advance what to discuss and creating an approximate budget of time for each piece of the puzzle. Learn how to come up with carefully tailored metaphors that quickly invoke the spirit of the chart. How do you deal with the guarded, boundaried client? How do you deal with the too-talkative one? When do you push - and when do you hold back? All these topics and more are explored.

Recorded in March 2011. mp3 format. 9 hours. (Note: This recording is an excerpt from the Apprenticeship Program Reaching the Client." This is not the same program as the 2003 "Reaching the Client" workshop.)

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