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Beijing, China

Learn Astrology with Steven Forrest
October 16 through 19, 2016

Topic: Discovering the Inner Sky

Learn Astrology in ChinaStudy astrology with master astrologer Steven Forrest in China!

Steven will guide students into an in-depth understanding of his unique approach to Evolutionary Astrology, working through an understanding of the planets, signs, and the nodes of the moon - the doorway into understanding past life karma. All levels welcome*.

Details for Chinese students:

*Recommended Reading before attending this program: The Inner Sky and Yesterday's Sky.

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Alpine, CA

Southern California Apprenticeship Program
November 3-6, 2016

Topic: The Water Family - Healers and Regenerators

Become an astrologer and work towards certification with Steven Forrest in this unique and intimate astrology intensive program. All levels welcome*.

Steven will guide students into an in-depth understanding of his unique approach to Evolutionary Astrology. Students spend 4 days immersed in study, with lecture and step-by-step instruction in methodology with birth charts drawn from the pool of attendees.

In the previous three programs, we explored the elemental families of Fire, Air and Earth. In the upcoming November program, we complete our in-depth tour of the astrological Elements. This time, we encounter the far more subtle and subjective mysteries of the Water Family. We begin our exploration with Cancer, the Moon, and the Fourth House, continue onward through Scorpio, the Eighth House and their dual (and dueling!) Rulers, Pluto and Mars. Finally the Water processes culminate with Pisces and the Twelfth House, along with the planets Jupiter and Neptune which rule them.

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Borrego Springs, CA

Astrology Apprenticeship Program Weekend Workshop
December 2-4, 2016

Forrest Astrology Workshop

Astrological Timing: Transits

In this weekend workshop, Steven will present the core of any astrological timing reading: transits. Working with transits involves understanding how to blend the archetypal dynamics of the changing sky with the dynamic evolving story emerging from the birth chart. As the planets change positions every day, they form new peaks and valleys, high points and low points, in an ever-changing dynamic interplay that compels us to grow and change in response. We can choose to work with this energy consciously, intentionally. Or we can stick our heads in the sand, simply reacting to whatever gets thrown our way.

With evolutionary astrology, we set our aim at the former - to consciously embody and work with the energies to take a solid part in shaping outcomes and engaging our story with free will.

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Live Web Simulcast
December 3-4, 2016

Transits Workshop

Astrological Timing: Transits

Live web broadcast of the morning sessions from Steven's workshop in Borrego Springs, CA.

Broadcast Details

Date: December 3-4, 2016
Times: Saturday and Sunday from 9-1pm with break midway through each day.
Cost: $99 (if registered by Nov. 30; $125 thereafter).

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Borrego Springs, CA

Astrology Apprenticeship Master Class
January 20-22, 2017

Forrest Astrology Workshop ***SOLD OUT***
Join Steven for a very special new kind of weekend workshop for advanced apprentice students who wish to attain our new certification level "Master Astrologer." This hands-on workshop is only open to 12 students.

The intent of this workshop is to give students time to present material they would share during a reading and receive direct feedback from Steven and the other participants. This will be a small, supportive group of students who have Level 2 status that you will most likely know already from previous APs. The aim here is to provide a safe, supportive environment in order to help you improve your skills, and receive validation and positive constructive feedback. 

Each student will have 45 minutes to present part of a chart. You will pick the chart yourself before arriving and can choose to present a portion of either a Sun-Moon-Ascendant or Nodal reading. Then you will receive 45 minutes of feedback and dialogue with Steven and the group. You won't have time to present a full analysis in 45 minutes, so you don't need to be thorough. You choose what to focus on, so if you want to spend the full amount of time with the Sun, or with a particular aspect to the Sun, Moon or Ascendant, or the big picture of the nodal story, that is up to you. 

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Calistoga, CA

Northern California Apprenticeship Program
March 3 - 6, 2017

Topic: Generations

Join Steven for his annual spring program in Northern California. This program counts towards certification through Steven's Astrology Apprenticeship Program.

Historical and mythic change affect us all very personally, but we are like mosquitoes watching a glacier melt and fade. The pace of cultural evolution is too slow for us to see it clearly, even though we are all swept along in its currents. Meanwhile, the very meaning of the astrological symbols is shifting under our feet. What 1856 interpretation of “Mars in a woman’s chart” would have any relevance today? How has our understanding of sexual orientation changed? Or national boundaries, religion, the natural environment, or the human future?

Behind the headlines and the social confusion, humanity is evolving. This evolution is clearly mirrored in astrological symbolism. Everything unfolds against the epochal backdrop of the shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Punctuating that change are pivotal outer planetary alignments - the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of the 1890s, the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 1960s, the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of the 1990s, the long-running Neptune-Pluto sextile.

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Moltrasio, Lake Como, Italy

Europe AP Retreat in Moltrasio, Lake Como, Italy
April 19-25, 2017

Topic: Sex, Death and The Occult

Moltrasio, Lake Como, ItalyJoin Steven at this luxury astrology retreat in beautiful Moltrasio, Lake Como, Italy. As part of the European Apprenticeship Program, this program counts towards certification through Steven's Astrology Apprenticeship program.

People inevitably make jokes when they hear that an edition of the Apprenticeship Program will be entitled “Sex, Death and The Occult”. And that is fine – some dimensions of life impact us with such fierce intensity at the emotional level that we must use humor as a buffer against them. To be sure, in this 5-day class, we will laugh. We will laugh at human folly and we will laugh at death's ultimate frailty. But we will also explore some very sensitive terrain – terrain that is not for the faint hearted. In fact, Steven views some of this material as so sensitive that he never teaches it outside the more intimate confines of the apprentice program.

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Rhinebeck, NY

Omega Institute
July 7-9, 2017

Topic: tbat

Omega InstituteJoin Steven at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY for a special weekend astrology workshop.

Astrologer Steven Forrest guides you in a grounded, personal, and empowering discovery of the nuances of Neptune—including how to use the powerful periods that arise with transits, progressions, and solar arcs.

Professional astrologers, skilled amateurs, and those interested in astrology are invited to take a fresh look at Neptune.

Neptune represents an energy that can lift us up to the highest states of consciousness or drop us down into self-created worlds of illusion. Its fabled psychic sensitivity can attune us to the whispers of angels or leave us hyper-sensitized to the pain we have created through our own follies and delusions.

To get the energy of Neptune to work for you requires you to be on a spiritual path. But which path? Neptune’s configurations in your birth chart can indicate where you might aim your spiritual intentions to be the most efficient and effective and where you might look for obstacles.

COST: $295

This workshop is worth 2 Credits towards Level 1 certification.

Details and Registration

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