Borrego Springs, CA

Astrology Apprenticeship Master Class
January 19-21, 2018

Forrest Astrology Workshop Join Steven for a very special weekend workshop for advanced apprentice students who wish to attain the "Master Astrologer" designation. This hands-on workshop is only open to 12 students.

The intent of this workshop is to give students time to present material they would share during a reading and receive direct feedback from Steven and the other participants. This will be a small, supportive group of students who have Level 2 status that you will most likely know already from previous APs. The aim here is to provide a safe, supportive environment in order to help you improve your skills, and receive validation and positive constructive feedback.

Each student will have 45 minutes to present part of a chart. You will pick the chart yourself before arriving and can choose to present a portion of either a Sun-Moon-Ascendant or Nodal reading. Then you will receive 45 minutes of feedback and dialogue with Steven and the group. You won't have time to present a full analysis in 45 minutes, so you don't need to cover everything you would in a reading. You choose what to focus on, so you could spend the full amount of time with the Sun, or with a particular aspect to the Sun, Moon or Ascendant, or the big picture of the nodal story - it's up to you.

This is your time to get what you need. You might choose to present the part of the reading that you are least comfortable with if you want more help working that out. Or you may choose to present what you feel are your best assets in order to get validation. The point isn't what you select to present, its to have the experience of being witnessed by a supportive group. As part of that, we ask that each of you come prepared to create that kind of supportive space with us.

Sounds awesome, right?

To be eligible for this master class students must have Level 2 status. See certification information for guidelines.


Date: January 19-21, 2017
Times: 9:00am to 5:00 pm each day.
Location: Steven's home in Borrego Springs, CA
Cost: $500
Lodging and meals not included. Lodging and Borrego Springs Information
$200 deposit to reserve your spot ($50 of that is non refundable).

To Register: Contact Tony or call 760-767-4720

Borrego Springs is the perfect location for a winter retreat - reliably sunny, and generally blessed with sweater or tee-shirt temperatures.

Borrego Springs is one of two official “Dark Sky Communities” in the United States. So make time for some star gazing under the awe-inspiring night sky of this "lights out" city.

Borrego Springs

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