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The Night Speaks: How Astrology Works

Revised and updated 2016
ISBN print: 978-1-939510-92-1
eISBN: 978-1-939510-93-8

The Night Speaks is a one-of-kind astrology book. Steven Forrest offers a model for how astrology works, illuminating the reasons, both rational and transcendent, that astrology has been the focus of his spiritual life.

In his own words, “I love astrology passionately. Every day I see it helping people. But on the street, astrology is still mostly viewed as silliness. Anyone who ‘believes in it’ is taken for a fool. This inspired me to ask: Could I write the book an open-minded critic might read and be inspired to give astrology an hour to prove itself? Could I write one that my clients could confidently hand their skeptical friends? In other words, could I break through the monumental wall of prejudice and ignorance that has kept astrology trapped in its ghetto? This book is my response, and explains why astrology is both intellectually and spiritually plausible.”

A "why to" book, rather than a "how to" book... Eloquent and convincing, with both hard science and personal experience. Show it to your skeptical friends.

"From my point of view, this is Steve's best work to date."
-- Rick Houck, SSC BOOKNEWS

"Steven Forrest is an excellent astrologer as well as a superb writer, so he might be one of the few to successfully carry the task he set himself, namely to produce a book an intelligent "believer" could offer his or her skeptical demonstrate that astrology is intellectually plausible...As far as I am concerned, he has succeeded, in fact better than I expected...This book is not only instructive to the skeptic, but a jewel and a "must read" for all astrologers."
-- Marion D. March, ASPECTS magazine

"...a fascinating extended essay on modern astrology."
-- NAPRA Trade Journal