Stream Steven's newest webinar on the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction
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    John S.
    United States

    Excellent but inclined to nit-pick

    The basic ideas resonated and the communication style is accessible -- well worth the money spent. With that said, I will let loose my Virgo triple conjunction: The historical example of Darwin could be usefully recast in light of the facts that (1) Darwin's grandfather published the thought of evolution; (2) Darwin's cock-and-bull thesis of "natural selection" was intended to cram the idea of evolution into the ascending but absurd "scientific" paradigm of reductionist materialism; and (3) science and culture are thankfully evolving beyond this demented paradigm, but that fight isn't over yet. But the Darwin example is a good choice in general. Then there was Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, which wasn't an act of overreaching hubris, but rather a victim-of-cultural-hubris suicide pact. I have a lot to say there (the Pacific naval war was a childhood fascination), including how cousin Franklin (my grandmother's fourth cousin) boxed in the Japanese with an oil embargo. Then there was the dual example of Tolkein and J.K. Rowling. Because of the wide orb in both cases, I am inclined to wonder what else was going on in their horoscopes as they began to publish works that had a stupendous impact on our culture.

    Catherine B.
    Canada Canada

    anyone can learn from this presentation

    i am a tippy toe beginner to astrology and learned so much without feeling left behind. Jump in and enjoy. There is no one else that can impart astrology the way Steven Forrest does. I know, I've looked lol

    mara w.
    United States United States

    Great to see bigger picture

    I always look forward to Steven Forrest teachings I use them to step out of the me box and see the cosmic lessons and challenges available

    Pamela S.
    United States United States

    Steven Forrest at his best

    Chock full of information and subtle insights. I’m still listening to the Q&A portion since it takes me a while to digest.

    Jennifer T.
    United States United States

    Thorough and Inspiring

    Listening to Steven Forrest’s webinar was SUCH a joy! I feel lucky to get the inside scoop with him! I also love his voice and demeanor and listening to him is like listening to friend. So informative and wise. Looking forward to more releases! Thanks!